Stick it where?

  1. I am starting nursing school in January (Lord willing and the creek don't rise!) Yesterday, I went to the hospital for an interview with the Lab...I felt this would be a job with great experience.... I feel like I stand a good chance getting the job...b/c school is around the corner and I have a previous degree (nonmedical). I originally thought the job was like "errand girl" or something. I am terrified now and having second thoughts! I have no experience drawing blood! This will be my job! UGH! I was told that I would be trained...the job is from 5a.m. to 12:30 4 days a week...and the pay is decent...but I am told that I will be going to nursing homes to draw blood and the patients are kind of combative!yikes! Is this too much for someone like me? I am not scared of needles but terrified I will miss and poke an eye out or something! help! Anyone have any blood drawing pointers?
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  3. by   JailRN
    How are you at threading a needle???

    Good luck
  4. by   anitame
    You'll be fine. It'll be a good training ground, it's always nice to have a foot in the door doing something in the medical field before you start nursing school. Don't worry about the nursing home residents. Some of them might be combative, but for the most part nursing home patients are just like the rest of the population, some nice, others not as nice. And learning to draw blood now will give you a head start on your IV skills. You won't be as scared, you'll be used to sticking people. And, no, you won't poke any eyes out!
    There is a lot of safety equipment being used now that really reduces your chances of a needlestick. Good Luck!!!
  5. by   meownsmile
    you will be the envy of all your classmates when you are hitting the sticks and they are still nervous about it. Blood draws arent that big a deal, if you cant get it in the antecubital, you can always go for a hand vein with a butterfly needle. They will train you and you probly wont go by yourself for a while until they are sure you are fairly competent with it.

    Just remember its all in the attitude and having confidence in yourself. Keep in the back of your mind also for some of the people with more fraile veins,, a blood pressure cuff works better than a touniquet sometimes because you can control the pressure on the arm easier. Some days you can hit the vein, other days you cant hit the broad side of a barn with a tractor. You'll do fine. Good luck
  6. by   eltrip
    Working in the lab is a great experience! Especially phlebotomy. It will take a bit of getting used to, but you'll do fine. I worked in a lab for several years as a clerk. It is what got me interested in nursing. While taking prereqs, I worked in the central receiving area of the lab. I learned which tube to use for nearly every test. I also learned what the medical technologists have to do to the instruments to have valid, reportable results. It provides an understanding of how a different area of the hospital works, which is always an asset for your practice. I know how to balance a centrifuge, separate cells, even pull them off with a syringe. And I still remember the not-so-pleasant odor of the incubator used for cultures. Ick.

    Have patience with yourself. I once read that it takes 6 months to reach 50% of your capacity for efficiency in a new job. I clung to that as a new nurse, and cling to it with every new job I have.

    All the best to you!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i was trained to draw blood as a nursing assistant in a clinic. it helped when i was in lpn school, on my jobs as an lpn and it will help while i am in rn school.

    go for it and all the best to you!
  8. by   shabookitty
    Thank you all for your great vote of confidence! I guess after the interview my nerves were a little worked! haha! I have spent time in nursing homes throughout my life (gparents-etc). Some are good and some are down right pathetic. So sad. I have to remember that I am "helping" and not hurting! thanks you all! I am still waiting on call is day 2! I hope that I get the job!
  9. by   EFMBholder
    When I first started traing as an LPN we had to do a rotation in the lab drawing blood. What a fright! After missing about 20 healthy adults I started getting the technique down and now alot of people come to me for the difficult sticks.