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Alot of states are cutting scholarships while schools are raising tuitions. Write your congressperson and let them know that you need money and won't tolerate this!! Cutting scholarships is not the... Read More

  1. by   iliel
    I'm so torn on this subject. I agree with Jen and I agree with Renerian. I've known people who have the op to go to school but they won't because they won't give up certain aspects of their lifestyle. then, when their stuck in a low paying job, they want gov't assistance. I don't know, it's so frustrating!
  2. by   sagelola
    Lisa1970...They do the same thing in for their schooling plus pay some expenses. My anatomy teacher was from their...actually a medical doctor. He thought that the US should have something like that, too, and he was baffled as to why we do not.
  3. by   essarge
    I'm pretty sure that the reason for all the general ed and seemingly unrelated classes is that we all turn out as supposedly "well-rounded" people with a broad education not narrowly defined to one distinctive subject area... it is frustrating, though. [/B][/QUOTE]

    The only thing that got well rounded from those classes for me was my "ars"!!
  4. by   Lisa1970
    We have this nursing shortage here and if you really think about it, wouldn't it solve that problem. I know people who just can't afford to go to school, but who go in a minute if they could.
  5. by   essarge
    Maybe the government will come up with some money for nursing students when there aren't any to take care of them except for "nurse ratchett"?
  6. by   LeesieBug
    They do the same thing in for their schooling plus pay some expenses. My anatomy teacher was from their...actually a medical doctor. He thought that the US should have something like that, too, and he was baffled as to why we do not.

    I think the reason we do not is that most Americans would have a fit if our taxes were raised to the level that some of the European countries have...They do have awesome social programs...but they also have awesome taxes!
    I lived in Germany for three years, and they have a progressive tax rate...goes from 19.9% - 48.5%..the more you make the higher your rate. This means that right now, at the lowest rate my family would be paying $6,000 a year in taxes, as opposed to a couple hundred, if that.

    Be great to have the programs...but don't think too many people would go for THAT!:chuckle
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  7. by   Lisa1970
    There is always a bad side to the good. Whats that old saying the grass is never greener on the other side.........
  8. by   bonjovigirl
    Okay, just my humble opinion here.

    My cousins in Italy (I believe) get to go to college for "free"

    that said, my parents sacrificed everything to move here to America so their children could grow up HERE. Our lives are exactly what we make them, and life is seldom fair. We all just really need to suck that up and accept the fact that maybe we can't go to the same college that the "rich people" can. Maybe we have to struggle to buy food while others abuse the system and buy filet mignon at the grocery store. My mortgage is $375 a month in an area of $125,000 homes, why? because I bought a fixer upper at a fraction of the price and payed down my mortgage while I could, and refinanced so I could quit work and go to the nursing school of my choice. Which by the way is one of the pricier ones in my area. I got no grants, no scholarships, no assistance whatsoever. I am only 25, and yet its been almost a decade since there was even a $20 bill in my birthday cards from my mother. Thats just the way life is, and to be brutally honest, as wrong as it seems, that some people "get all the breaks" while the rest of us struggle, if we accept the fact that our lives are what WE make them, we can truly do anything. As a society we need to stop looking at what we don't have or whats too hard to do on our own, and start looking at what we can do to help ourselves. I had to save for a few YEARS to go to school. I know I am a better person for that. However, I don't hold anything against a person who's parents have $100,000 or more to send them to an ivy league school. Good for them, my life is not like theirs and I do not expect it to be. If my parents could start from NOTHING, (and I mean, we lived in a one room cabin with no running water when I was 6--outhouses in the wintertime are a real treat) and live happliy ever after, then I think I can pay my own way through college.

    Maybe I went off topic, but thats my two cents.
  9. by   alimae
    Great topic, I am a single mother too, wondering how I will get to RN school. California, offered by the local community college. My understanding is that as a CNA employee of a hospital or nursing home there are loan/scholarship programs which pay the equivalent of a full time wage during school, (probably continuing 1-2 weekly shifts) which is paid off by working as a nurse for X number of years, around 3 years I believe.
    I have been accepted to begin work soon in one such place. I hope it works out! In the mean time I have one class to take just to get on the wait list wich is currently 2007!!!
  10. by   bob007cat
    Take a stand!!
  11. by   essarge
    Life is learning and Learning is life. Those that don't have to work for things have very little learning/life and those that really have to work for things have a lot of learning/life.

    If everything was handed to me, I would not be the person I am now. I can very easily picture myself as a very self centered person who thinks that everyone "owes" me. Instead, I have learned through my life experiences and appreciate things much more than if it was given to me.

    But, that being said, I still wish that the government would figure out a way to help students a little more than they do!