Starting OB Clinical

  1. Woohoo, just had to let everyone know I'm starting OB Clinical tonight. I'm so excited. This is why I went into nursing.
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  3. by   OB-nurse2013
    Me tooooo, I start my OB clinical next week
  4. by   badmamajama
    Good luck! I hope you get to see some births!!!

    I like to find out what appeals to other nurses about their specialty. How did you come to choose OB?

  5. by   TmC1999
    I started mine yesterday, as soon as I walked on floor I got to see a delivery it was awesome!!! I almost got to see another one before I left for the night!! This is also what I want to do when I graduate. Hope you have a good clinical!
  6. by   imapsychrn
    We rotate and the other students that have OB right now got to see several births! I was so jealous since I am in Med Surg right now!
  7. by   Al.ginger
    Talking to OB nurses I've heard that "It is the only floor where we like to be busy" meaning that people generally coming to OB for happy events and not for being sick
    An it is also a miracle! You witnesses the life coming to the earth. Facinating.
    I guess hospice nursing is also about major life event but more on the sad side. Depened on your belifes
  8. by   BBRANRN2013
    Wow I had so much fun to see the little ones in the NICU which is where my daughter was for quite some time. This is why I wanted to become a nurse. I so want to be a L&D or NICU Nurse...
  9. by   GinRN77
    Have a great time! I originally started out wanting to do OB/NICU because of my experiences with my kids. I now do ER :-)
  10. by   BBRANRN2013
    I might change my
  11. by   badmamajama
    I'm glad to hear you had fun!!! I bet you had to stop yourself from just picking the little ones all up and snuggling them!

    I'm also glad you have experience as a mom of a NICU baby. Wait, let me rephrase that, I'm not glad you had the experience, but I'm glad, SINCE you had the experience you can bring that to your clinical rotation. You will have an empathy for the babies and the parents not all the other students will have. Hopefully you won't need to draw on your own history but it's there if you need it. I'm hoping your children are all well now???

  12. by   BBRANRN2013
    They are thank you. When I walked into the NICU there was a baby screaming and I did want to just hold the baby and make her alright. I will have a great time this semester but it might be a little rough at times. Good thing I can't have anymore kids or I might be
  13. by   doulanurse
    Which school do you go to?