Started working as an Extern today

  1. We're supposed to be on spring break, but because of tight money and all, I decided I needed to extern. I had orientation (to the system) earlier in the week, but this was my first day on the floor.

    I'm working on a med/surg unit that does teams. It got a little slow up there today, so I suspect tomorrow will be wild! Anyway, about 15 minutes after I got there a patient on a different team passed, but she was DNR so I didn't get to see a full code in action--I really am wanting that experience. Then after a ton of the every day dull assessment/bathing/feeding I got to witness a grand mal seizure.

    I am hoping that this experience will help me be more comfortable with the day to day things a nurse does.
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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    Congrats on the new job! Keep us posted on how it's gong!
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    What all do you get to do in your job???
  5. by   essarge
    I am also a nurse extern at our local hospital. I've worked in the ER and am now on the med/surg floor. I loved working in the ER but now I understand why seasoned nurses are saying to work on med/surg after graduation. There is everything under the sun going on there. It is a great learning experience and I can always find something new to ask a question about!!!
  6. by   memphispanda
    Originally posted by nurs2b
    What all do you get to do in your job???
    I'm sure it varies a lot from place to place. I basically get to do what the MAs do, with a few things added. I can do assessments and chart (an RN has to sign also). I can insert foleys and NG tubes and change non-sterile dressings.

    No passing meds, no messing with IVs--at all.

    It's more of a learning experience than anything else. I am not counted in staffing. I am assigned to a nurse. Yesterday I did a lot of following her around and asking questions.
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    all the best to you! let us know how it goes.
  8. by   maire
    That's great, good luck to you!

    I've been tossing the idea around of doing an externship also once I finish this semester. There are about 4 or 5 places nearby that offer the chance. Nice to polish clinical skills and get paid while doing it!
  9. by   silvermoon
    I'm finding it really good working as an Agency Health Care Assistant while studying. I get to choose when I work and most times there is a shift available for me.
    What I appreciate most is that I'm seeing different areas and getting a feel for where I might like to work when I qualify.
    Most of the nurses are great and put up with the rookie asking a ton of questions.