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hello, every one! for those of you in summer school, how are your classes going? when is your last day of class and what will you do for the days you have off before the fall classes begin?... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by ggfifi
    i just finished up a & p 1 with an "a" on thursday. i don't go back until 3 sept, when i have college algebra on monday evenings and gen'l psychology on saturdays 9 am to 2 pm (only for 8 wks); then on to a & p 11 the 2nd 8 wks on tues/thurs evenings 5:30 pm to 10:20 pm (ugh! that will be a long 8 wks!). but once i've got these prereqs done, i can apply for the nursing program as soon as my grades are posted in december!

    i'm still working full time, and plan to until i get into the nursing program, so the evening/weekend route is the only one i can take. while i'm out of classes for august, i plan on spending time with the family, going to the movies, playing with our new puppy , and just generally relaxing until the fun begins again in september.

    hope the rest of you get a little bit of a "summer vacation" before your fall classes start!
    congratulations on your "a"! keep up the great work. enjoy your family and all the best to you!
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by snlisa
    i have my clinical math & human development finals on thursday. i know i will have an a in human dev. & either a low a or high b in math. the summer sure has flown by huh?
    way to go lisa! keep up the great work!
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by slinkeecat
    well, i just got the results of my summer semester courses:

    hist 160= a
    nursing 206=a
    computer 202=a

    * i am shocked and amazed because i had to turn in every paper in the apa format and i hated trying to fix the settings. it was murder. i never thought i would make a c let alone a's!!!!!! hope everyone else was successful too!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hip, hip hooray! you go! keep up the excellent work!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by rena rn 2003
    i just finished up one of those apa format papers so i've given myself unlimited puter time for the rest of the eveing! :d

    summer is out for me on aug. 14. classe is going great. carrying an a at the moment in psych nursing. no hopes of that lasting but looks good for the moment. :roll
    [font=times] excellent! an "a" in your psych rotation, you go girl! i talked with an ex-coworker of mine this evening and she just finished her psych rotation too. she said it was a "monster" but she pulled it out with a "b". keep up the great work.
  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by gator,sn
    i feel so guilty....i have been off since may 1st and return to classes august 27th. this is my first summer off. i usually take a class or 2 during the summer to take some of the pressure off during the regular semester.
    best wishes to all, enjoy what is left, and good luck with classes!!
    i know exactly what you mean. i have been taking pre-reqs without any break, except for this summer, since fall 2000. i needed the break so i could be "fresh" when rn clinicals start next month. all the best to you and enjoy this time off!
  6. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by kittyw
    i've been in summer school full time .... it's required at my nursing school.

    but .... in 5 more days i'll be out for the summer (all 2 weeks of it!!).

    5....4....3.....2..........1...... flordia here i come!!!!!!
    i can imagine the relief you will have in 5 days! can i tag along to flordia with you...i will get in the suitcase :chuckle! all the best to you and enjoy your vacation!
  7. by   Hooligan
    I only took one class over the summer...Medical Terminology. I really wish I would have taken it over the regular school year 'cause the teacher didn't give a rat's a$$ about it! All she did was pop videos in the machine and tell us what was on the final! What a joke! My driver's ed classes back in the day were more challenging!!! Arrggghhh!!!! Oh well...I at least got a lot out of the book I purchased!

  8. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by bean 76
    ...My driver's ed classes back in the day were more challenging!!! Arrggghhh!!!! Oh well...I at least got a lot out of the book I purchased!

  9. by   Carleigh

    Thanks for your kind words. This first semester will be challenging in more ways than one. I look forward to everyone's support and advice.
  10. by   det01
    originally posted by lpn,future, rn
    congratulations on your excellent grades! keep up the good work!
    thank you very much!
  11. by   Bonnie Blue
    I'm another one of those who has had to go all summer. At least this last three weeks was clinical only. Friday morning we take the Mosby Assess Test. It's to see if we have a good chance of passing the NCLEX. If you don't do well enough, you have to take a three day prep class in January. Bleah! Friday afternoon is our "Crossing the Bridge" ceremony and reception. Then I have almost 3 weeks off! No alarm clock, except on the days I work, which aren't many.

    Congrats to all those folks who have had successful summers. The rest of you better be getting enough sleep!
  12. by   Bonnie Blue
    I forgot to mention that 3 of my classmates are throwing a party Friday night in which care plans will be burned in a ceremonial bonfire!