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Some people just amaze me. My classes (LPN) just started September 3 and some people have already missed like 5-7 days...can you believe that??? We've had three quizzes and a three chapter test,... Read More

  1. by   researchrabbit
    Two years ago, when I was in nursing school, the doors were shut 5 minutes after class started and that was that...anyone late waited outside until the break. It didn't matter to administration why you missed or why you were late; if you missed too many times, you were out of the program. PERIOD.
  2. by   Vsummer1
    Hate me all you want,

    I don't care what your personal problems are. By signing up for a class and signing their policies you made a contract which is NOT subjective to your personal problems.

    A contract. Period. If you cannot live up to the terms of the contract, NO ONE should be able to change that contract. It should equally apply to every student, whether single, lazy or married or with 10 starving children.

    The program should be equitable to us ALL. Like I previously posted, ours allows a certain amount of hours lost. No excuses. You either are there for the time specified or you are not, with no "special" circumstances.

    If you have issues, then drop out and start again. I did and I had an "incurable, life threatening disease". So I don't want to hear about excuses. Either you can or you cannot. I could not, I dropped and now I am in remission. I did NOT get special attention, and was told that "if I could not finish the semester it would go on my transcript" my reply: "If it goes on my transcript it won't matter because I will be dead". I now have the opportunity to change me transcript by TAKING THE CLASS AGAIN. I got lucky with experimental tx. I had kids, I had issues, I missed classes. BUT I never got special treatment and do NOT expect those with 3 kids and no money going through a divorce getting treated better than someone who has to work for a living, or is so sick they can't work/attend class. All I ask for is equitable treatment for ALL students with no objecteve opinions as to who can / cannot attend. Period.
  3. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    i was amazed on friday...we had lab... our group is VERY inquisitive, the other labs all get done WAY earlier than we do BUT when we walk outta there we have a grip on what was taught...anyhow, i'm outside the lab signing up for "open lab" and two girls go walking out of the lab and i hear one girl say "i hate everybody in there!" the other one says "yeah, they ask too many questions!"

    i'm thinking to myself...yeah, when i go into the hospital i want my nurse to be the one that asked questions! it's not like we're ding-dongs either, one of my lab partners has been a paramedic for 22 years....we just enjoy learning...

    i guess i'm becoming a nerd in my old age...

  4. by   LPN & EMT-CT
    Originally posted by cakarol
    I know that everyone's situation is different and I am sympathetic to that. Heck, I am a single mother of a 17b month old working full time...I am exhausted all the time. I wake up and don't want to go to class sometime...but I KNOW I HAVE to....

    some people just haven't gotten their work schedules worked out. or were out late the night before with friends etc...That's what irritates me. They've known for 4 months the class schedule - they need to get work worked out.

    It's just frustrating because it holds the whole class back. and it's a huge interuption when peple come tromping in late. They have no rules on tardies or absenses because they feel we are adults and have the right to make those decisions. and i guess they figure it works out in the end, there is no way you can pass if you aren't there. Plus all absenses and tardies are on your file which emplyers can see!

    As for showing my grades...I don't try to...people are just very nosey and manage to "sneak a peak" half the time.

    Sorry if i sounded harsh all...i was just frustrated and needed to vent a little...

    thanks all for shedding a little light on the situation though.

    WHen I went to LPN school we were only allowed to miss 4 days total excused absences and after that, whoever was out. I think that people who come in late are rude and don't really care about going to school, because if they did they would be to class every day on time. Now I can see 1 or 2 days when your late, with like care trouble or something like that, but come on now, more than that is just unacceptable. Hey cakarol, where do you go to school in VA ? PM me and let me know, I'm just wondering if it is in the same area where I went to school in VA. Vent anytime, its not good to hold anything in.
    David -VA
  5. by   luluann
    Sounds like you have some of the same people in your class that I have in mine, except we're in different states! Maybe they have relation here? I am having the same problem in my A/P 1 class. We have a group of youngsters (19/20/21) that just irritate and annoy the rest of us oldsters (28-40) Constantly complaining about the length of class and whining to get out early and going on and on about what's going to be on the test etc. Then, they had the audacity to tell the instructor after they got there first test back that they need a tutor because they got "F's". He asked a couple of us that got better grades (B's) if we would consider helping them out. I said I couldn't because of work commitments but to be totally honest, I wanted to tell him that if they would have bothered to STUDY (we overheard one girl say she didn't study at all!) that they might have done better. These are also the same ones that never come in to open lab and look at slides or models. And they want to be nurses? Do they think this stuff is just going to jump into their brains? I don't know if this instructor will report them to counseling, but I know for sure that my Microbiology teacher will. She said that if we don't consistently get a C or better she will refer us by the 6th week. That class seems better for attitude and maturity level.

    Do you think I should talk to my A/P instructor? It's really annoying dealing with the immaturity. I am there to learn, I paid my tuition out my pocket and I don't have time or patience for their constant interruptions and comments. Anyone else have luck talkign to an instructor?

    Thanks for the helped me vent too! You guys are awesome...glad to be part of this group!!

    Happy studying....
  6. by   Mkue
    There is a student mom in my clinical rotation who is about 5 months pregnant and she has a little toddler at home.. well she shows up an hour EARLY for clinical, just to make sure she gets there on time... she is truly amazing to me.

  7. by   ntigrad
    From my experience with school, their attitude will take care of them. If they don't really want to be there, they WILL not make it. Everyone told me that LPN school is SO HARD. It's faster paced and more intense than RN college courses because of the lenght of time. But I have not had trouble with it. I live 30 miles from school and the hospitals I do clinicals at, Ihave a husband and 3 kids, plus laudry, groceries, cooking, ect. like most grown ups.
    Last year when we were in Medical Terminology, which I think is the easiest thing there is, one woman got upset and had an outburst and left for the day because she didn't like the way the teacher did half the test over what we lectured and the rest over past lectures. Well, we have to know it all don't we? How else do you learn and apply your knowledge if you don't review, re view and review again? She did come back the next week with doughnuts and appoligized to the whole class, which was nice, but she still didn't pass A & P and has not been back since. If she couldn't get LPN level of A & P there'snot way she will get passed the rest, believe me!
    A neighbor of mine had two teens and a husband who was messing around while she went to school. Her life was crashing down around her and she graduated TOP of the A's!
    But as for me, I have not let anything keep me from being at school 30 minutes early and drive 30-40 miles at 5am to get to clinicals. It's totally unaccpetable. If you can't cut it, don't try
  8. by   peaceful2100
    Cakarol, I understand exactly where you are coming from. I will be honest and say that sometimes it does annoy me because I feel that there are favorites and I feel that there are some who can get away with it and if others tried it then there would be no sympathy towards them what so ever.

    I am a single mom to a four and a half year old and I have only had to miss school ONE time the whole entire time I have been in school which has been since 1998. The two times Ironically enough was not because my daughter was sick but because of me being so sick I could hardly move out of bed. Of the two times I missed only one of those has been while I have been in the actual nursing program. I am always on time to class and I have to take my daughter to daycare before I go to class and I live 30 minutes away. I know girls in my class who live on campus or really close to campus and do NOT have kids and are constantly late because they can't get out of bed or was out the night before. Sometimes they don't even bother showing up. Then they complain after the test too. That takes a lot of nerves I think but there is nothing we can do about it. Like I said they will figure out really quickly when it comes time to take the NCLEX. I know quite a few of my classmates, if they pass the NCLEX come next year I will be in pure shock and would think it is luck. I hate to say.

    I do think it gets disturbing and annoying but if nursing schools keep allowing the students to do that then when it comes time to take the Actual NCLEX then that student may NOT get beyond the NCLEX. Not all nursing schools but I know of nursing schools that only care about the money and that is why they keep allowing the students to get away with it at some schools.