Social interaction in nursing school..

  1. My question is if there is a lot of social interaction among fellow students in nursing school (i.e., group work). I'm asking this question because I'm really looking forward to making new friends and I was wondering if there will be given opportunities to make friends through group work and things of that nature. More or less I just look forward to social interaciton with my fellow classmates. So what's it like in nursing school?

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  3. by   moongirl
    When you are in your clinical group, there will be better chance of that. Our group is usually 10 or less students.
    You will also form new friendships because classmates are the only ones who will understand what you are going thru- and why its so important!
    good luck!
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    There is plenty of social interaction in my nursing class! Don't get me wrong, most of the students have a "group" they belong to (hanging out after class, sitting next to each other in class, etc.) but it doesn't matter. We all get along and we interact with each other even if we're not all the best of friends. I could not ask for a better group to go through this crazy journey of nursing school with. Nursing students are very supportive of one another no matter what!
  5. by   Daytonite
    JoshuaC. . .I see that you are still quite young, a Tenderoni, as I would say. You are going to make friends where ever you go, what ever you do, throughout your entire lifetime. The question is always going to be: are people going to be receptive to wanting to be friends with you? People are going to come and go into and out of your life. You don't see this now. But, when you get to my age, you will see this wisdom. So, go, make friends. Socialize. Enjoy your youth. But, think on this. Nursing is a very serious career. It is one of service to your fellow man. You will be socializing with patients in a much different way than with your friends. You will be taught to socialize with patients in a way that will be productive to helping them toward healing and recovering what health they might have left. Are you up for a lifetime of that?
  6. by   firstyearstudent
    You are going to meet some incredible and loving people and make wonderful friends! I know this for certain. You'll see...
  7. by   ShockerGirl07
    I was paranoid I wouldn't have friends when i started nursing school. All of my friends left for college when we graduated HS, and i stayed behind and went to JUCO's for 2 years and all i had was my boyfriend and was in need of some girlfriends to hang out with! I met 3 girls that I'm super close to now in nursing school and our whole class as a whole is pretty close so its awesome!
  8. by   willdgate
    Well, everyone does not love you, but that's my own opinion, I had to do things on my own, everything basically, don't worry about that??
  9. by   Dabuggy
    Hello JoshuaC,

    I will tell you how I went about this same dilemma. I went to the dollar store and purchased some 8-10 pac candy bars. Passed them out to the students around me. Got to know them well. This strategy help with my LPN clinicals because for some reason those RN's ans LPN's really like chocolate. In fact they were very helpful to help me figure out my care plans and assessments. Don't get me wrong, they still made me do them. but just were very willing to help me with them. As a bonus I just read a news letter from a hospital that claims that chocolate does infact help with memory. So this may help with studying and before test. Yeah like we need a reason to eat chocolate right Switch the beer mug for a bar of candy. LOL

    Also, in your clinicals you will find some fantastic nurses. Make sure you and your class recognize them and what they do. If the hospital or facility has a form to recognize the employee have your class write and tell the facility about that special nurse/nurses. Stick out and make a possitve difference.

    Good luck


    As mentioned previously, in clinicals is were you will make the best friends. You all will be new to this, scared, deer in the headlight look, and look to each other for answers.
  10. by   NurseNoodle2007
    My experience has been that in nursing school, you will spend more time with your classmates than anyone else in your life. In regular college, you have different classes with different people. In my program, I am with the same group of 9 people in lab, clinical and class. We have become like a family. Very supportive of each other for the most part. There are definitely different personalities and we all have annoying sides to us, but overall we are a great group of friends that I imagine I will have for a long time!
  11. by   trueHeart
    when i joined nursing school i didn't know anybody and everyone was so different and to be honest initially i found it a little hard to adjust but now i'm in my third year of the B.Sc nursing program and i feel that my classmates understand me the best especially the people from my group in the clinicals coz we really went through a lot me you are going to make some really good friends...good luck!
  12. by   chase4myheart
    In my nursing class, we have all became just like family. You work so close with each other and share the same stresses that there is definitely a bond that forms. One of the students (my best friend) was diagnosed with malignant melanoma. She did her best to finish this semester, but just wasn't able to make it. Our entire class pulled together, helping to carry her books, leading her when her balance was unsteady, and doing the heavy duties at clinical. All of us wanted her to succeed, but that just wasn't possible. She's back in the hospital now and the prognosis is terminal. Our entire class shares the sadness of this. I'm very proud of the students in my class. I just couldn't ask for a better group or a better bunch of friends to have. You can definitely count on them. All of us have different personalities, but we're all focused on the same goal, and we're all willing to help each other. I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a fellow nursing student thanking me for helping her to cram for an exam before class began. She had been out the previous week due to the death of her grandmother and hadn't been able to focus. She passed her test with a 97. If one of us has to be out, then another person will get that person's papers for the class, take notes for that person, and email them all of the necessary info that they will need for the next class. That's just a few of the examples of the wonderful group that I go to school with.
  13. by   shellsgogreen
    Wow, there are some amazing stories here....
    I'm pretty much with all of you who said you will meet your closest friends in Nursing School...the sad thing is though, you may lose some friends on the "outside" This is not always such a bad thing, as any friend who is supportive to begin with will always be there, but you'll find there are those who don't understand the late nights of 85 page care plans (ok, SLIGHT exaggeration... ) and all that goes with the stress of being a nursing student . Of course this is supplemented by new friends who you can share your frustration/joy and drug guides with...

    I love the fact that the connections we're making now are going to be lifelong ones....

  14. by   Tweety
    Spending two years, and many hours with the same people, it's hard not to socially interact.

    I enjoyed nursing school, we had a good time, shared our frustrations, and made it through together.

    I was a lone studier, and too busy to socialize after class with them. But it was nice to bump into some classmates in the lunchroom and have them ask me to join them. Several of us did a few days of clinical out of town and we had a blast.

    I don't keep up with them today, so I didn't make any permanent friends.

    I've heard other people say nursing school was full of childish catty cliquish gossips and it was just like "mean girls" in high school. Mercifully, that wasn't my experience.

    Obviously you can't be friends with everyone, and people are going to pair up and group up.

    Good luck!