SO close to home

  1. today on a break from my nursing201 class, i found a large group of somber college students surrounding the big screen tv in our colleges' forum. after finding out what happened..i almost totally freaked. one of my very best friends goes to law school about 10 blocks away from the WTC. i spent all evening trying to get ahold of anyone that had heard from him...i thank God that he is alright..i found that out after calling his mom. my thoughts/prayers are with everyone there and everyone involved. in such a short time everything can change so drastically. say a prayer tonight and surround yourself with loved ones!
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  3. by   zannie
    Close to home here too!! I live 10 miles out of Dulles Airport (where one of the planes flew out of) and I work 3 miles from there. Hubby works less than a mile from the airport. There was also a car bomb found at the FAA building LESS THAN A MILE FROM MY HOUSE!!!! Talk about scary!!!!!!!!

    My heart goes out to everyone in the US, even people not near the attacks. It's a scary thing!

  4. by   eventsnyc
    My school is downtown, not far from the former wtc. No classes for us today and tomorrow. I am on standby volunteer duty. The mayor is on the radio now, saying that the city doesn't need more volunteers right now, and that we should stay at home if we do not need to travel. The streets are quiet. He says that he thinks there are people alive in the buildings. Rescue effort has begun. We have lost our 1st and the deputy Fire Chiefs in the incident. The mayor says the number of the lost lives can be very high. We don't have a number yet.

    on a sad day in nyc
    We are going to be nurses, we care.
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  5. by   Bonnie Blue
    Being on central time we didn't find out until we had a break at 9am (10 ET). It was awful. Ironically, the lecture topic was grief and loss! Nobody was able to concentrate after that. Our teachers canceled classes for the rest of the day. We're supposed to have our regular schedule tomorrow. I went to church, lit a candle and said prayers. Tell your loved ones that you love them! You never know when it might be the last time you see them.
  6. by   AppyHorseFan
    I started the day out stressing over my first nursing exam. I completed the exam and came out of the lecture hall to several peers standing around a table...a couple in tears. They said the WTC and Pentagon had been "hit". We all forgot about our exam at that point. My peers and I will be forever linked by the question "Where were you when you found out about the WTC and Pentagon" just as my parents have links to "Where were you when you found out about JFK"

    We had a moment of prayer while we waited to go back into class. I'm sooo glad I'm not in public school and can do this. Our school is about 40 miles from Dallas/Ft. Worth, and they didn't cancel our classes, but it was certainly hard to concentrate the rest of the day.

    My thoughts and prayers are with those that lost their lives, knew someone who lost their life or were injured, and for everyone, as this will in some way affect us all.

    God Bless and Keep You Safe,

  7. by   Katnip
    I was learning how to make a bed with a person in it, when someone came in and asked if we heard about NY. I honestly thought at first that she was going to tell us a story about some stupid celebrity stunt. When she told us, none of us believed it.

    My cousin works in the WTC. We haven't heard from him yet. Another young woman had two people in the WTC. One, a woman who is six months pregnant, and her husband who worked in the other building.

    A lot of us have friends in the Pentagon as well.

    Whether we knew anyone in any of the buildings or planes, or not, we have all lost something very dear and precious to us.