So annoying when students ask your grade

  1. Ahh its soo annoying to me when other students ask me my grade. I don't go up too people and ask them their grade.. especially if I did good because its just like rubbing it in their face and I'm like yeah I got a 90, how'd you do? Oh a 72? Well geez better luck next time! That is just soo rude! I've been on both ends though too.... I've had people ask me how I've done and I've failed so i tell them and they say they passed which makes me feel like crap. Then I've gotten a really good grade on a test and people have asked me and I tell them then it makes me feel like I'm bragging. I think its a competition with a lot of people and its really annoying.

    I talked to my best friend last semester about grades a lot and she ended up failing by only a few points and I passed iwth a B. My grades were always better than hers and it made me feel like **** to know that I passed and she didn't. It made me feel liek i was bragging to her when i asked her grades or whatever. So after that ... i just stopped asking people grades. If someone asks me my grade I might ask them what their grade is as well but I don't usually go up too people and ask their grades randomly.
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  3. by   BoonersmomRN
    The people I am friends with in class...we will talk about our grades. Not overly so but we all look out for one another.

    Other people I just say " I did ok" or " better than I thought" ... to be honest people I don't know I really don't care if they got an A or an F..ykwim?
  4. by   luv2shopp85
    Last semester i was doing pretty good and a lot of the class was failing so i felt like if i asked anyone their grade i was just rubbing it in their face. And i really didnt like that at all.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Since I have been working, no prospective employers have ever asked about my grades in school. They have never even asked about my school. Their only concern is that I possess a nursing license.
  6. by   luv2shopp85
    Oh yeah I know once you graduate no one will care about the grades. I am happy to be passing.. thats all I'm worried about.
  7. by   firstyearstudent
    I really don't like to ask about people's grades. Sometimes I do because I feel like I have to act like I care after they have asked me. Typical conversation.

    THEM: "How'd you do on the test?"

    ME: "Okay."


    ME: "How'd you do?"

    THEM: "I got a 92."

    ME: "Great!"

    If people ask, I usually say something vague. I try to avoid telling people my grade unless they ask outright what the score is. Then it seems like you are trying to make a point of not telling them, which seems stupid.

    I don't know. I don't like it when people ask, but how is it bragging to respond when they ask?
  8. by   Megsd
    Yeah, if I ask about grades I ask generally, like "How'd you do" which gives them the option to say something like "pretty good" or "not as good as I'd hoped." I hate when people ask me point blank "What did you get?" because to me, the only logical answer is numerical.

    It's not that I'm uncomfortable with my grades, high or low, I just A) don't think it's anybody else's business and B) some people get hurt when everybody shares. Not that them being hurt is my absolute top priority, but it's just not something I like to contribute to if I can help it.
  9. by   BrieRN07
    I totally know how you feel! My classmates will come up to me after a test and ask me how I did, YET they never talk to me any other time. They only want to know just to see if they did better than you.... and they really don't care how you did. It's like a high school competition all over again, and I don't have time for it!
  10. by   slou!
    UGH I do this too! I mean I would feel terrible if I asked someone when I did really well and they did bad. I wouldn't want to put someone in an uncomfortable position. I also hate when professors put you on the spot. "So-and-so got the highest grade in the class!" I know it's not a BAD thing, but I always feel embarassed and uncomfortable, I guess it could be worse though! The other day I got the only B in the class in my History (it's a requirement for my school to take 3 semesters of humanties) class (1 A and 1 B) and he asked the 2 people if they wanted to, to identify themselves. My friend had gotten the A and I got the B, and then the rest of the class was like, "Oh thanks guys, you can't just give us tips on how to study so we don't fail again? You are being selfish!" I was thinking, "Hmmm, maybe if you did EXACTLY what the prof said, listen and answer questions in class, read the material ahead of time, and look over the STUDY GUIDE before hand you wouldn't need help!" Seriously we had a study guide with pretty much the same questions on the test, and the essay questions ahead of time. To tell you the truth didn't even study that long, and my prof. said a lot of study time isn't even required to do well on his tests.. I am always MORE than willing to help out another student if they ask me (nicely!) but blaming me on future failing grades? I don't think so.
    At the end of class a girl walked up to the prof and said these exact words: "My grade sucks, do you have any easy extra credit?" I was thinking, "Are you KIDDING me?!" Jeez people don't even try and act like they care! I mean I'm not saying I spend all my time studying 24/7, but I am willing to work hard to mantain a high average and I always know it's MY fault when I don't do so well!
    Sorry for the (kind of off topic) rant!
  11. by   locolorenzo22
    We have a select few of us(study group) who compare grades, how we did, etc. We try to then study for the next test based on what kind of questions we tended to miss. I do the same thing. I don't brag about it, but if someone asks me I'll tell them(usually 85 or higher), and figure if they did ok, they'll tell me too.
    I will happily take the "smart guy" description, but if someone tries to get by with not working as hard thinking they can just copy without bringing something to the table, I'll tell them to get lost. Someone tried to join our study group, but she has a totally different class date, different topics, and I basically said "no, thanks." Last time we studied with her there was too much chit-chat, or "this was our question", instead of studying the material. I'd much rather be the jackass vs. the failer who was too nice to say I don't need you to study with us.
    You do what you do and we go from there. Ok, got off topic there, but still.....
  12. by   destiny5
    It's been my experience that when someone asks how I did on an exam it's because they did extremely well & want to brag (oops..share). So here's what I do. I tell them what I got & then I walk away....... I don't want to hear a bunch of "bragging"---some of the "smartest students in my class had terrible bedside manners & were in it for the money. Give me a hard working "c" student who cares about me as a patient and is willing to look up things he/she is unfamilar with instead of an "A" know-it-all student who could care less.. anyday.
  13. by   81ke83
    When we ask "What did you grade did you get on the test?" It is more out of our concern for a fellow classmate. We are not gloating because we might have done better than you. I have attended school for with these people for the last four years. We have a special bond in the nursing program. We want all of us to suceed, so when we ask about grades, it is because we are concerned and if there is anything we can do to help. I tape the lectures and when half the class failed, I offered copies of my lectures, it wasn't to gloat about the fact that I passed and am doing well and they didn't. I know how hard everyone is trying. We finished the dosage calculation test and when the results were posted, we all turned and looked around to make sure we were all ok. Our group of 12 is like a family, I spend more time with these people then I do my own family. So please dont always think that people are asking so they can make themselves feel better.
  14. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I think some people just want to know that some one else did as bad as them