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I see chats for all of you under 25 and those of you over 35. now those stuck in the middle have a room to..:chuckle... Read More

  1. by   Lisa1970
    anyone currently taking classes. Would love to discuss how you are studying, my study skills suck. I go from one thing to another, and at the end of the day I feel like I accomplished nothing any one else feel like this? or is it just 12 yr old says it is just me lol
  2. by   howie122832
    I am 34 and married with 2 girls... ages 11 and 7. I am currently in LPN school, and plan to go right on and get my RN. I was an Oral surgery assistant for 10 years before I decided to go back to do what I've always wanted to do (nursing!) My husband is a firefighter/paramedic, and works 2 jobs to support us while I go to school..My girls think it's really cool that mom has to do homework too! Looking forward to meeting you all.....
  3. by   subec
    Hello all---

    My name is Susan and I am 28. I will be starting the last two years of a BSN program this August. This is my second career, so luckily many of my credits transferred (history, govt, math, etc). I did have to go back and take A&P, micro, nutrition, and dev. psych. My first career was retail. I have done pretty much all aspects of retail, and still very much enjoy it, but I'm ready for something new.

    Good luck to everyone.
  4. by   nursejws
    subec....are you getting ready for your move??? I wish you the best weather for moving. We were lucky when we moved...the weather was absolutely perfect!
  5. by   Momto2monsters
    Yeah! A spot to belong to! I was starting to feel like I was too old to be young, and too young to be old, LOL!:roll
    I'm 31, married, the mom of two who are 7 and 5. I started back to school after an 8 year absence this past spring. I got my BSEd in elementary education in '94, got married, got pregnant and have been a housewife ever since. Decided to go back to school because I always wanted to go into a medical field, but was too young and foolish the first time around in school to know what I really wanted to do. I took A & P II this spring and pulled out an A. I was accepted into nursing school for this fall, but have decided to postpone it until next fall to save up some money, plus finish up taking micro and Human Growth and Development, plus actually enjoy some "me" time.
    My husband drives a truck for a living and, for the most part, I only see him on the weekends. I has mainly been just me and the kids at home together. I have homeschooled my oldest for Kindergarten and first grade, but she will be starting 2nd at public school and my youngest will be starting kindergarten. We have enjoyed the homeschooling, but I will have a nervous breakdown if I don't do something for me.
    Come June 27, I can register online for my micro class. Hope I'm quick about it so the class doesn't fill up, LOL!
    Looking forward to an exciting year in preparation for nursing school next year!
    Melissa in Alabama
  6. by   babynursewannab
    YAY! A home!

    I'm a month away from 29, a divorced, single mom (who just lost all her financial aid - another story!). I'm starting my last 2 years of the BSN program this August, as well and am sooooo exited!!!

    Someone asked about study skills. I'm taking classes now and would be happy to talk.

    The hardest thing I deal with is my daughter. I feel so darn GUILTY!!!! All the time, I feel like I should be spending this extra time with her and not on school. Sometimes I feel I should just wait until she's a little older and really doesn't want me around so much.

    My boyfriend (would someone tell him to ask that stupid question!!!!! ) is also pretty rough on me when it comes to guilt. We live together and I swear, we won't talk all day long, not bad just cuz, and the SECOND I crack a book for school it's "'Lyssa, c'mere and look. Hey 'lyssa, did I tell you about this..., 'lyssa..., 'lyssa..." Does anyone else get that?

    Good luck to everyone trying to get their classes for fall. Registration can be just as stressful as tests sometimes! :chuckle

    Take care all!
    -Alyssa in Atlanta
  7. by   subec

    Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to move until August. With my luck, it will be the hottest day on record for the metroplex. :roll

    Right now, I'm trying to sort what I want to take with me, what I want to send to storage, and what I want to give to Goodwill.

    Packing sucks!!!!!
  8. by   promises
    Hi, I'm turning 25 yrs old this year. I just started taking my pre-reqs. And I'm so excited. I'm single and I work fulltime. I just want to say that I have so mush respect for all you who has a family and still manages to go to school. God bless!!!
  9. by   unlucky
    My name is patricia and i am in the third semester in the nursing program. i have completed all my requistes and only have this summer and then the other two semesters to go. i am 34 and have 2 teens and a husband. we are studying cardio and respiratory and it is being taught by the nursing director. the majority of the class is not doing so well and we have to maintain an 80 or better. i study and study and i know the work it is just that her tests are monster. what can i do? need advice badly i have come to far to quit. also, does anyone have ideas about care plans. the problem is that i get a patient that is well enough to go home, and i am stuck in preparing my care plan on that. Yesterday I had my first assignment on telemetry, and i had to do my very first catheter, i was so nervous, and i made only 1 mistake, I felt so bad about it, that i came home and cried. why do instructors make you feel that you are stupid. anyone have that problem.
    Sorry i had to air out my problems
  10. by   Lisa1970
    My boyfriend (would someone tell him to ask that stupid question!!!!! ) is also pretty rough on me when it comes to guilt. We live together and I swear, we won't talk all day long, not bad just cuz, and the SECOND I crack a book for school it's "'Lyssa, c'mere and look. Hey 'lyssa, did I tell you about this..., 'lyssa..., 'lyssa..." Does anyone else get that?

    boy that sounds familar..... but add a few more kids (4) and a hubby who "needs"me. Now try to decide what to study & how to go about it so I can get the most from it lol it is a ball.....
  11. by   nursejws
    Yes, Yes, and Yes! Everytime I open my books, my husband is calling my name. I really can't study when he's at home, and I feel bad if I leave to go somewhere else to study...even it if's at the pool!

    As far as studying goes...I've never been one to study, and it's starting to present problems. I'm an A/B student, just by taking notes, going to lecture, and reading the summary and notes before exams. BOY, am I learning the hard way now. The best study time I ever had was when I took statistics. Of course, at this time I was a smoker, and we gathered together before every class outside and went over our notes, smoked and had a good time. It showed too, I earned an A for that class! If you can find the right group of people, I think study groups are the way to go.

    oooh, redrum subec...AUGUST!?!?! Maybe it will be one of those freaky days and just right! Gather a group of friends, or movers, and move first thing in the morning. We did that and had our entire 2bdrm apartment moved out in 4 hours! Of course we had 3 trucks, my suv, there was 9 of us, and we were ready to go. Actually, I didn't help much...dr's orders, and I felt badly for my family(mom, friends, and inlaws) to be moving us and I could only watch.
  12. by   nursing 101
    I'm 28 with a husband and a 2 year old little boy... I'm starting a BSN program in the Fall luckily I had so many credits that transfered over from my previous years of College... I didn't have a set major couldn't figure out what to do... I guess I wasn't mature enough... I have my 4 science classes to take then I start the nursing classes in the fall of 2003... If there's one thing I'm so happy about with my College is that I don't have to reapply as long as you are accepeted in the School of nursing (even if you are a freshmen) they monitor your progress very closely... Well I finally made a choice that I probably knew all along I wanted to do but didn't have the guts too. I will graduate provided I pass all my classes (I'm praying) in spring of 2005... That's a long way to go but at least I'll have a college degree...
    Hope to read more from you guys...
  13. by   Lisa1970

    I have a fundamental & algebra test to take at the end of next month, I have to decide for myself what to study. I think this is so much harder than having to study from an assignment. At least then I have an idea of what to look over. I need help desperatly. I talked to my advisor, she said to get my fundamental book and go through that & she gave me one of hers to use. Now I have two books and no idea where to start..... any idea's