Should I quit nursing?I need advice!

  1. I am a third semester's nursing student. I am thinking of quitting my program. I don't know. Somehow I don't think I will be a nurse. I have spent 2 years waiting to get into the program in my previous college, finally I get in, and I got kick out in the first semester because of the policy changed of the college. They said they no longer take my english transfer credit that is from another college and they said I am missing an English course and I cannot complete my first semester.
    Then, I wait for another year to get into my current college. I don't know if I like it or not. I studied VERY hard and I mostly given up my other priorities in my life because of the studies and I successfully passed my first year.

    Things happened 2 weeks ago. I made a medication error in my practice because I overlooked the drug name. I am not going to tell the whole story because it is a very long story. My instructor failed my clinicial and she required me to go back to the previous semesters. Sigh..I don't know. I just think that I should not continue because I have been spending so much time and effort but I still couldn't get through.

    I have been thinking of quitting for a while. Other than failing my course, I also doubt about the career because of the busy shifts and random schedules. I wanna help people and care for others. However, I feel like I have no time to care for my friends, family, boyfriend, and help with my church events. Considering my future is not only about the career, it also about my life. I want a life that can let me do more stuff on my own and have time for own family.

    I have applied for a nursing unit clerk program. I do not think I will do that for long term because my real passion is to help people suffering in drugs and homeless. I thought doing nursing can give me an opportunities to help them. However, my friend who worked in those area told me that I do not neccessary to be a nurse if I want to work with those people. To be honest, if I will be a nurse, I think I will only be a community nurse that I can talk and care for other's emotions. I do not want/like bedside caring at all.

    I need advice. Should I quit?
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  3. by   destiny5
    If you want to be a nurse then you must know that nursing school takes time, dedication, hard work, & pretty much a release of all outside non-essential activities. It is not forever. Go through it & know that setbacks will come. I failed Pharmacology. Out of 30 people only 5 passed. That set me back several months. It was a bad time, but I stuck it out & finished. Hang in there. It sounds like you want to be a nurse so don't quit because things are tight. It's like that for most of us who go through it. Hang around positive people, hopefully you have a good support system & finish what you started. If you quit now you may regret it later. Best wishes... I'll say a prayer for you
  4. by   LadyStar42
    NS will take up every minute in your life....for a time, then its over and you can get back to having a "life". I got thru it and my friends and family understood that I was not blowing them off. Now I have a job where I work 32 hours on the weekends and I am done. I have plenty of time for everyone else. If you want to be a nurse then hang in there. I failed a clinical round and still made it out. If you want it you can do it and your friends and family will (or should) understand. Good luck.
  5. by   Halinja
    If its the program getting you down, don't let that make you quit. Nursing school is horridly hard sometimes, but when you are done it will be an accomplishment to be proud of. I have friends who have failed out of something twice and are still persevering. One in particular I'm thinking of, and I KNOW she will make a fabulous nurse.

    There are nursing positions that do exactly what you want to do, help the homeless and those suffering from addictions. That is one complete section of psych nursing. Not all psych nursing is in a hospital, there are psych nursing positions in the community, where the patients are those struggling with addiction, and those with mental difficulties who are homeless because of them. Sounds like it might be the perfect thing for you. Also...the position that was posted recently on our board for just that exact thing was 8-5, monday through friday.

    So if that is really what you want to do...don't settle for less. Follow your dreams. The effort, time, etc you invest will be worth it.
  6. by   Spill
    Don't give up! You may regret it...your so close! Keep chugging along!
  7. by   JentheRN05
    Yes it will help alot with your goals to work with drug/homeless. You will have more control over helping them.
    Just know that school DOES take up alot of your time. But school is temporary and once your out you WILL have time for the other things in your life. There are alot of different types of places that your RN would be beneficial to this group of people. A group home, a center that works with the homeless/drug addicts. Don't give up your dream because it is time consuming. Anything worthwhile will be. Imagine being able to actually HELP these people in the future, and it will be worth it.
  8. by   johnsonprn2
    Hey, don't give up ship, you haven't sunk yet. Throw out your life line, Anchor yourself into your classes, don't dwell on your mistakes, move on. Stop being so hard on yourself, I know that nursing school can be tough. You have come this long don't give up now. Once u quit you will really look back with regrets. I know because it is what I did 20 years ago. I am 45 now and just getting back into school. I had a monkey wrench thrown into my game plan to as far as my classes and financial aid but I'm not throwing in the towel. You just need some more motivation and everytime you start thinking negative about the situation or thinking that u can't go on, remember YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS U. That is what I hold on to when I feel defeated. Will be praying for u. You can send me a private message anytime, looking forward to talking to you until then God Bless
  9. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from kiukit
    I need advice. Should I quit?
    I cannot answer if you should quit. However I can safely say you can HELP people, especially the homeless and those on drugs, without being a Registered Nurse. Social Workers work closer with the homeless population in terms of helping them live day-to-day then nurses in many settings.

    The degree and license to become a clinician or a social worker with a BA/BS is not as demanding as nursing. For example, I have never heard of anyone being kicked out of school.

    In fact, the involvement of Social Workers in the daily lives of patients/clients is so extensive that the social worker usually knows more about a patient's treatment plan, background, and family off-hand (without looking it up in a medical chart) then anyone on the clinical team. :spin:

    There are exceptions. Some inpatient settings (small clinics) and outpatient settings (Public Health) lack social services so nurses do the role of a social worker until the patient is discharged. On the other hand, most hospitals and private clinical settings know that social services are vital and will have a social worker (or department) on hand to work with nurses and others on the clinical team.
    Whatever you decide, good luck to you!
  10. by   RN1263
    okay, i'm in my 3rd sem. and i also made a med error recently and i was told that if i make one more med error (god NO), i'm out of the program. now, would i wait to get in another nursing program, if i was kicked out of this one.........dunno?

    i feel nursing school has sucked the bloody life out of me. i'm not saying you should quit, but i am saying i feel your frustration, if i had to re-do a semester i'd be soooooo upset & it would be SOOOO hard for me to do it. then again, i look at all the work i've done to get this far and i'm amazed that i was able to do it?, if i HAD to repeat a semester i'd probably do it, just because i've worked so hard to get to where i'm at today and i wouldn't want it to be for nothing! plus, my husband would kill me, but whatever.....
  11. by   snortzmom
    Ugh.. I feel your pain. I am 3rd semester too and I know exactly what you are saying. Being in nursing school is horrible and I get a sick feeling in my stomach every morning when I have to go to class. When I go to clinical, there isn't a day that goes by that an RN doesn't make me feel like a nuisance. But think about it this way.. It is soo hard to get into nursing school right now. The finish line is in sight and there are so many of us that feel the same way you do. Just finish. We don't have to get straight A's. When nursing school gets me down, I tell myself that C = RN. We will have our lives back (better than ever, as RN's!) sooner than we think! I think you should hang in there!:spin: umpiron:
  12. by   firstyearstudent
    Is it the third semester of an ADN program? If your this far along, why quit now. Having an RN won't prevent you from getting further education in another helping profession such as social work.
  13. by   Curious1alwys
    When I get down about it all, feel like an idiot, have my doubts......I just remember that I can still graduate and get my RN and not work as an RN. Sounds really stupid, but I am just saying you can still finish and then change your mind afterwards. But you will always have the degree if you do change your mind at a later time. You are in 3rd semester DON'T QUIT!!
  14. by   Daytonite
    Quote from kiukit
    I need advice. Should I quit?
    Yes. You obviously lack the committment and have other priorities that are far more important to you. By staying in the nursing program you are keeping someone out who really wants the opportunity. So, step back and let someone else have a chance to fulfill their dream. Good luck in your other endeavors.