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:angryfire I am almost ready to walk out of my program. For 2 years I have listened to students and professors making openly degrading comments regarding members of my gender. Snide, snickering,... Read More

  1. by   Mandylpn
    Are females making these comments? A group of men can dis women pretty good too.

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    :angryfire I am almost ready to walk out of my program. For 2 years I have listened to students and professors making openly degrading comments regarding members of my gender. Snide, snickering, ignorant comments to the effect that men have some kind of problem essentially because they're men. "Men eh." Well, what the ____ does that mean exactly? If I were to remark "Women eh," what sort of response do you suppose I'd receive?

    I had a professor last term describe men as abusers and women and children as victims when she was doing her lecture on family violence. I'll agree, although I have no data to support it. Just based on what I see and hear in the media. Todays slap was my biology professor who allows and personally engages in male-bashing with select students, during lecture. Is a UTI more important when it's a female patient? Is a swollen prostate not a very serious thing?

    I am so _______ incensed that I am ready to write the dean of the nursing school and the president of the university to complain. I'll come off sounding like a commplete idiot because I have no exact record of what people say, it's all just general comments against men. I am sick of this ____. :angryfire
  2. by   purplemania
    After class tell the instructor that you do not appreciate the offensive remarks and wonder if they qualify for sexual harrassment. On the other hand, don't do that. I would address the situation to the Dean. Remember, you have time committed to this program and getting closer and closer to graduation. I have never worked in the environment you describe. While working I do not consider the gender of my co-worker, but have to say that I cannot recall working with a male nurse who deserved any of those negative comments. Stay in there!!! This too shall pass.
  3. by   malenurse1
    I believe that this is the best course of action. However I would take the tape recorder to class, turn it on and ask your instructor if she minds you recording the lectures. That way you have audio, undeniable proof that the instructor was okay with it, and you have witnesses. make sure you state the date and time of the class at the beginning of the tape. You don't have to explain why you want to record the lectures as it is not uncommon for students to record as a form of note taking.
    The when the problem arises you follow U_Souts's advice. Go to the teacher 1st. If you don't get satisfaction from her you need to advise her that you will be making an appointment to speak with her supervisor. Do not mention the tape to the offending teacher. Do make a copy that you can give to her superiors at that meeting. Explain that you have the original and that if you don't receive satisfaction from that person continue up the chain of command (sorry my military background showing thru here).
    Just as women should not be subjected to abuse or harrassment, neither should men. Don't be a silent victim. That just perpetuates the belief that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and it simply is NOT! Good luck with this.
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    alright my brotha.....this is what I would do if I was really pissed and thought the teacher would not listen to reason. First, find out if your instructor objects to you recording the lecture. If she does not mind, get her to put it in writting that she does not mind. If she asks why, tell her your Dad, mother, or sister got shafted by their advisor for something they said and then went back and said they never said it. That way you have evidence that xyz was said in class and you recorded it with the teachers permission. Second, sit back and wait for the male bashing to begin. Third, after you have it on tape, make an appointment to talk with the teacher. Don't tell her about the recording (thats you ace in the hole). Then calmy explaine how the male bashing offends you. Then shut your mouth and let her talk. If teh bashing stops, let it slide, but hold onto the tape. If it continues, go to the dept. head. always go to the person above the person you are complaining about. Then work your way up the ladder. Never give anyone the tape. I know it sounds harsh and sneaky, but you gotta take care of yourself.