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I'm 3 weeks away from ending my first semester at my nursing program and I am not looking forward to next semester. Things have not been going so great for me and I am starting to feel very stressed... Read More

  1. by   samrusrn
    Thanks for the comments everyone. I couldn't help, but notice that someone mentioned that I thought nursing was beneath me and this is definitely not the case. Like I mentioned before, I respect nurses a lot and it is clear to me that they do a lot way more than other health care professionals (in my opinion).

    The money issue is causing me the most amount of stress. I recently found out that I can actually apply for a student job at a hospital so that has really helped my mood. We recently had a simulation and I got complimented by a tutor on my head-to-toe assessment and it surprised me how a simple thing like that could motivate me so much. Things are starting to look better, so I apologize for my sudden outburst and I once again thank everyone for their advice and support.

    I do have a question, but feel that making a new topic isn't worth it. I can work in OB or surgery in my job position; can anyone give me pros and cons to each?
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  2. by   llg
    Which field -- OB or Surgery -- appeals to you more? When you envision yourself as a nurse, what type of nurse do you see as the best fit for you? Both specialties are popular, making them hard to get into because of the competition. So you should think carefully before choosing.

    Do you see yourself being happy in OB? Does the whole pregnant women, new babies, delivery, etc. appreal to you? For some people, it's the main reason they become nurses. They are really into that sort of stuff. But other people feel out of place in that environment.

    The same can be said for Surgery. It is often highly technical and a less "touchy-feely" than OB. Does that appeal to you more? (I am guessing that it does ... but I might be wrong.)
  3. by   samrusrn
    Yeah, I thought surgery would be best for me, but I don't actually know...I'm a first semester student so I haven't been in OB yet. I heard you either hate or love OB, so I honestly do not know. If I get to see surgeries, that would be great and I feel like I would learn more? I've only been in Med-Surg this semester, so I only know how that is. Before I entered the program, I thought ER or Surgery would be better for me.
  4. by   Esme12
    What I started out wanting in school was the last thing I wanted when I was done with school.....keep your options open!
  5. by   grpman
    You either have to learn a skilled trade, take a low paying job with upward mobility, or go to school. Unless you know someone in a high position or marry wealthy, these are your options. I would come to terms with this and make peace with it. Next, I would take a semester off if I couldn't make peace with this so you don't get bad grades. Next, get back in school.

    I sometimes have the same issue with not liking nursing if I am being honest. You probably are not alone in that. But, it is a means to an end and a respectable career path. You can always go back to school later while working as a nurse.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
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