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:angryfire :uhoh3: :madface: So I bought my flipping white scrubs today that I have to wear to clinicals, and as Im checking out the dimples that are visible on my bum, (through the lovely white... Read More

  1. by   DisneyNurse18
    It seems that they woulda been backwards doesn't it? But they weren't!! Ill just live with it, once a week isnt bad for wearing them.
  2. by   RNsRWe
    Quote from mommapunkin
    It seems that they woulda been backwards doesn't it? But they weren't!! Ill just live with it, once a week isnt bad for wearing them.
    Yeesh. Can you get other white scrub bottoms? Surely you can't be made to wear only the ONE brand, as long as they look the same?

    You might want to consider that as your program progresses, you're going to be spending alot more than 1x/week in them!
  3. by   Dabuggy
    I am shocked. In my RN program we have to wear white scrubs with white tops,,,,,,,You mean you girls can see my boxers:smackingf

    We have the option to wear a lab coat.

  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    My achool dictates WHAT brand and WHAT style we must wear. They are Crest style 112 AND YES they are see thru. I wear flesh colored underwear. We were specifically told to wear flesh colored ones or white. Any colors, etc gtes you sent home with a zero for the day.
  5. by   NurseNoodle2007
    LMAO! Mommapunkin! I have those same darn pants I bet. Snug in the bum, but room enough for a bowling ball in the front. And super too big in the thigh and tapered in the leg. I have wanted to take my sewing maching to the darn pants!!!! But I too just have to suck it up for one night a week. I did however cut little slits in the ankles that make them look slightly less tapered.

    I too wear flesh colored fuller cut (not granny) undies. When people wear white, I find myself drawn to their underpants but with the nude you don't even notice!
  6. by   chickapin
    Target has boycut flesh-colored seamless underwear that works pretty well under white scrub pants. They're sold out online but they have them in the stores, in 2 different fleshy shades. I hate having to wear white pants but since it's required, I am going to try my hardest to minimize the tackiness of see-thru pants by wearing almost-invisible underwear. I think victoria's secret has similar seamless underwear, they just cost more. I do think it's important to buy high quality white pants as well, as they are less see-thru than their cheaper counterparts.

    I work as a unit secretary, and a few months ago we had a student (from a different school) wearing white pants with NO underwear, and you could see her in all her glory. Yet no one had the guts to say anything to her!

  7. by   HopeM
    Quote from RNsRWe
    Sorry, but that sounds like it has all the markings of a Nursing School Myth, or legend. If someone "always shows up" in red thongs, it doesn't change how the school operates: it dumps the student!
    LOL on this one! I was reading the handbook (online) for one of the local nursing schools and it was HIGHLY specific about cut/color of underwear that was allowed to be worn under uniforms. Hilarious! I loved the instructions I received when I asked about attire for a hospital tech position I have just accepted (start ADN program in January, but working from now until NCLEX). The nurse manager said I could wear anything I wanted (scrub-wise) as long as she couldn't see my underwear. When I laughed and said she didn't have to worry she told me I would absolutely be surprised at what I would see. Should be interesting!
  8. by   SICU Queen
    I'm just glad I never have to wear white again!!

    The fleshy colors work best though, if my memory of nursing school (shudder) serves me correctly.
  9. by   RN_student2006
    I personally like this idea of an underwear revolution! lol. When I had to wear white pants for my CNA clinicals, I wore "shorts underwear" - really comfy! Luckily when i start my clinicals for my RN this fall, we have royal blue uniforms. :spin:
  10. by   nursemama2be
    I am so glad our uniforms have to be baby blue...
  11. by   ChadleyNC
    I aggree with you on despising the requirement of white pants. If you are able to get a different pair I would advise that, but in our case, we're required to order from the same company. All of us, because they want al of us to have the SAME white and the SAME blue etc. They say it identifies us easily as students to hospital employees and physicians in the event of a code or other emergency.

    either way, whatever color they are, my pants like to droop after about 30 minutes and I get to hoist them up the rest of the day. I can't get a newer pair with drawstring closures because that would be breaking the rules. At least though, I can comfort myself to know that I can get new pairs of them in my own choice of styles and colors once I get out of school. It's another necessary evil of the game we mjust play to get the degree.

    OH, and if ya wear a thong or colored underwear that are visible to a clinical day at my school you get sent home. And if you are out twice in the whole program for clinicals, you fail.
  12. by   Dublin37
    [font="comic sans ms"]that is sooooooooo funny, i love love your idea! a little help with the problem? buy and wear beige, not white undies, and all the lines disapear! i have renamed the white outfit, my marshmallow-wear!
  13. by   todell80
    I read this thread last night, so when I went to Wal-Mart later, I decided to look for beige undies. They didn't have hardly any!! I did find some on a display w/ cami's, bras, boyleg and bikini undies, w/ the brand name of "The Best Fitting Intimates in the World." I bought a pair of the low rise boylegs to try them out, and they seem pretty good. I would recommend getting a size larger, these seem smaller than my normal ones. They aren't riding north like most of my boylegs do, and they are really really soft. They were $2.96 a pair, pretty affordable.

    Thank goodness my school doesn't care what brand of scrubs we get, as long as they are white and look semi-close to the same. We get more details Monday on what style. Good luck to all you panty protesters!!