school schedule?

  1. I was just wondering what everyones school schedule is like? I am in my first semester in a 2 yr RN program and this is my schedule every week:

    monday - lecture 4pm-6pm
    tuesday - lab 4pm-6pm
    wednesday - clinical 4pm-10pm
    thursday - lecture 4pm-6pm
    friday - off
    saturday - off
    sunday - off
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  3. by   smileyhz
    I am in my first semester of nursing school. My program is a four semester program and it goes through the summer. So I will be done this time next year (plus 6 weeks). I go to school Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. Class hours are Mondays-Wednesdays and then clinical hours are Thursdays and Fridays. When we had labs, we would occasionally stay until 4:30 pm. Your program seems a lot more conducive to someone who has kids or works. Mine is so fast paced that I had to quit my job because I didn't have enough time for that and my kids.
  4. by   KEL2BanRN
    I'm in a 7 quarter RN program. I'm in 1st quarter now.
    I have:

    M: lecture 8-10, sm group lab 1-2
    T: lecture 9-10, college lab 1-3
    W: off
    Th: off
    F: clinical 6:45 am - 1 pm (usually later due to post conference)

    There were many various ways we could've scheduled our classes - the only thing not flexible were the lecture times.
  5. by   AggieQT
    I am in a 4 semester BSN program... this is my first semester

    Monday lecture 8:30-4:00 with an hour for lunch
    Tuesday lecture 12:30-3
    Wednesday lecture 9-12
    Thursday clinical 6:30-4pm
    Friday clinical 6:30-4pm
  6. by   Monica D
    I'm in a 2 yr. RN program and this semester it is as follows:

    M--Lecture, 2:30-4:30
    W--Lecture, 2:30-4:30
    Th--Lab, 1-5
    F--Lab, 8a-12n
    Our class is split into thirds and one group has lab Monday and Wednesday before lecture 9-1, the second group has lab Tues and Thurs 8-12, and mine is the Th and Fri group.

    Next semester will be different...

    M--Lecture, 3:30-5:30p
    W--Lecture, 3:30-5:30p
    Th--Clinicals, 6:45a-4p
    F--Lecture, 1-3:30p
  7. by   BoonersmomRN
    Last semester

    Mon- lecture 9-1230
    Tues- lecture 930-2
    Wed - off
    Thur/Fri clinical 630a-330p
  8. by   natrgrrl
    I am in a 6 quarter Associate Degree RN program.

    Monday: 9:00-5:15 with a 20 minute lunch
    Tuesday: 6:30-12:40 clinical
    Wednesday: 6:30-12:40 clinical 1:30-4:30 lab
    Thursday: OFF
    Friday: OFF
    Saturday: OFF
    Sunday: OFF
  9. by   NBMom1225
    2-yr ADN, second half of the first of 4 semesters:

    Mondays- Lecture 9:30-11:30 & 3:00-5:00
    Tuesdays- Lab 12:00-4:00
    Wednesdays- "off"
    Thursdays- Clinical 1:15-10:00
    Fridays- "off"
    Saturdays- "off"
    Sundays- "off"

    I put "off" in quotes since we all know that there is no such thing as a day off in Nursing school....every spare moment is spent studying!
  10. by   melsman1904
    I'm in my first semester of a 2 yr ADN program.

    Monday- lab 7-9:50, lecture 10-12:50
    Tuesday- Off
    Wednesday- lab 7-9:50
    Thursday- clinical 6:30-2:30
    Friday- lecture 8-10:50, Lecture 11:30-2:20
    Sat/Sun- off
  11. by   MB37
    2nd semester of a 5 semester ABSN program (we go summers):
    M: lecture 08-940, lab 14-1600 (stuck on campus for the 4.5 hours in the middle, since my drive is 30-45 min each way)
    T: off
    W: clinical 0630-1400
    R: lecture 08-940, 11-1150, 1230-1420
    F: off

    Next semester gets a little rougher...
    M: lecture 08-09:20, 10-1150, 1530-1630
    T: clinical 0630-1900
    W: clinical 0800-1400
    R: lecture 08-0920, 10-1150, 16-1850
    F: lab 08-10
  12. by   nurz2be
    18 month ASN RN program

    Monday - Weekly test - lecture and skills labs 8 - 2 p.m.
    Tuesday - lecture 8-2 p.m.
    Tuesday night - 4 - 6:30 clinical site patient chart checks
    Wedsnesday - 6 am - 1 pm on site clinical rotations
    Wedsnesday 1-3 pm - charting and care plan prep
    Thursday 8-1 pm lecture skills labs
    Thursday night 4 - 6:30 pm clinical site patient chart checks
    Friday 6-12 on site clinicals 12:30 - 3 charting and care plan completions

    Sat/ Sun off

    We go all 18 months no breaks except for 2 days Thanksgiving and 3 days Christmas.
  13. by   dana7582
    I start nursing school (B.S.N) in January 2008 (graduate in Dec. 2009). This will be my schedule (we will have classes/clinicals during summer as well--6 semester program):

    Mondays: 9-11a Fundamentals class; 3-5p Health Assessment class
    Tuesdays: 7-10a Health Assessment Clinical; 12-2p Intro to Nursing
    Wednesdays: 7a-1p Fundamentals clinical; Meals on Wheels class (volunteering pretty much, so not really a class)
    Thursdays: OFF (studying)
    Fridays: OFF (studying)
    Saturdays: OFF (studying)
    Sundays: OFF (studying)
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  14. by   Conrad283
    Mon - 9-2
    Tues - 9 - 3
    Wed - 8 - 3 (Clinical)
    Thurs - 8 - 3 (Clinical)

    That's this semester.