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I was feeling ok about A&P until I bought my books yesterday! I have 5 books that weigh a combined 17 lbs! (I weighed them to prove to my husband that I need a rolling backpack.) I flipped through... Read More

  1. by   MRed94
    A little bit every day is better than cramming...

    I am also available for A & P help, also Micro if needed.

    Email is

    Gimme a yell if you need help.

  2. by   marci3335
    What kind of rolling pack do you have? Where did you get it? I looked at Target and didn't see one I liked. I also went online to REI (I'm a member) but they were all so expensive!!

  3. by   prmenrs
    Those books are your FRIENDS, believe it or not! It's the old thing about how do you eat an elephant--one bite at a time!!

    Be prepared to paint the A&P books yellow (or pink if you prefer). Start previewing the books now--look at chapter headings, pictures, illustrations, etc.

    Learn the technique of making pictures in your head as you read, it will help you retain stuff longer.

    This basic stuff is the foundation of your education--the better it is, the stronger you'll be when you're out there taking care of patients.

    And definitely hang in there--have confidence that you'll make it!
  4. by   kimtab
    Learning the material doesn't scare me, cutting up the POOR LITTLE KITTY CAT does! I'm not squeamish, but that's a pet for heaven's sake, couldn't they have chosen a less appealing animal?

  5. by   MRed94
    You can always cover up the head so you don't have to look at it. I cried through the entire thing, cause I am a kitty person.

    Once you get into it, you will be so busy thinking "WOW!! lookee that!" that you won't really remember that it is kitty.

    Keep your chin up. You'll be fine.

  6. by   BrandyBSN
    This is not meant to be gross, but I wanted to add a little. Sorry if this icks you out...

    Once the cats have been "processed" for disection, and soaked in the preservatives, they really dont look that much like fluffy housecats anymore. They look more like wet rats, and rats are not nearly as difficult to deal with.

    Try not to think about it being a "cat". Think of it as a biological model with the sole purpose of helping you learn. It was never breed to be a housecat, and if it came from a pound, or the like, it would have been euthanized anyways, so you are giving its life a purpose now that it wouldn't have had previously.

    Just try to stay within a scientific mind-frame, cover its head if you need to, and let it teach you what you need to learn.

    It's difficult to keep your emotions out of it sometimes, but just try your best. A&P will be over soon

  7. by   prmenrs
    What I remember of the cat I dissected many, many years ago was that it in NO WAY resembled anything I had EVER thought of as a pet.

    Again, not to be gross, (but it is anyway) it was this stiff, boardlike thing, extremities extended. You couldn't hardly tell what color it was. And it was HUGE! What is interesting is that I learned less from that animal than I did from the fresh killed mouse I dissected much later.

    I did learn that I don't like to touch gross stuff with my bare hands--which we had to do wth the cat. When I did the mouse, they gave us gloves. Probably these days, gloves are automatic, but they weren't w/my first project. So, in the very unlikely event that gloves are not provided, bring your own!
  8. by   Mkue
    The cats we had were ugly, probably strays.

    My partner and I had a very FAT cat so it had been eating pretty well.

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE Cats and have several of my own. You just don't look at your cat the same when you come home from lab.

  9. by   eventsnyc
    Dear Marci,

    The rolling backpack I have has the letters "B.U.M." on it, I think it's the brand name. It's waterproof, super light, w/- wide-set wheels which is important for steadier pull when it is full of heavy books and things. I machine washed it a few times already in cold water. I bought mine in a discount store for $16.99. Very happy with it. Will buy the same when this one is retired.

    Best wishes,
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  10. by   StudentSandra
    originally posted by marci3335
    what kind of rolling pack do you have? where did you get it? i looked at target and didn't see one i liked. i also went online to rei (i'm a member) but they were all so expensive!!

    mine has a tag that reads "ampac" it cost about $40 in the college bookstore. i'll check with them next week to find out where they get them from.

    the pack area is almost 2 feet high & the handle slides up another foot. the base (hard) is about 14 x 7. the pack can hold 4 of the large nursing books.