Rude and teachers!

  1. I was just wondering if anyone here has encountered a rude teacher at their school and how they delt with it.
    I ask because I just walked out of a math class where a teacher, for the past 2 weeks, has done nothing but insult and belittle people for asking questions that he felt were "stupid". He has also insulted other teacher at the school and said numerous times that if you don't get a A, then theres something wrong with you. I was getting a B, for me, thats pretty good!
    I am putting together a formal complaint, but I just want to see if this has happened to others here.

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  3. by   Rena RN 2003
    you could address your concerns directly to the person involved. you could address the problem to the dean of the college.
  4. by   Nurse2bSandy
    OOOOOH, I hate rude teachers! At my age, I feel like I deserve a little respect! I have written my thoughts to the admin about one particularly rude teacher. I wanted to quit his class... but then I decided that I was bigger than him... not just size, either! I did my best and passed the class and didn't worry about his rudeness. I didn't want him to get the better of me... I am in control of my education and even though I needed his class, I didn't necessarily need his respect. If he wanted to be a dumb jerk, that was his problem not mine. I did all that was required and just ignored him.
  5. by   maire
    Yep...been there...done that...had an A&P lab instructor many moons ago that consistently talked down to me like I was a child, and after the third or fourth time (I tried to ride it out) I asked to speak with him after class, and as calmly as I could I told him off. Told him his treatment of me was completely unacceptable, I was an adult not a child, I was paying to take the class, and I thought his attitude needed some serious adjustment. He went beet red in the face, taught for another 2 weeks then was replaced, and noone knew why...

    I don't stand for that garbage. Speak up, if not to the instructor, then to the Dean of the school.
  6. by   rnnurse2b
    That is totally unacceptable...i always remember people saying that no question is ever stupid! If you are confused, then you have a right to ask it, you are there to learn. Definately file that complaint.
  7. by   iliel
    Thanks so much! I wrote out a 3 page letter, called the head of Math (for the second time regarding this teacher) and even called the Pres, since the head of Math hasn't called me back! I will stand by everything in the letter and am willing to confront the teacher head on if needed.
    The problem with something like this is, when you pay a couple hundred dollars for a class, you don't deserve to be treated like this!
    I just want my all my money to be used towards another class and my problem heard so I can move on!

    P.S. It's nice to know I'm not alone, we all need to stand up to teachers like this in a respectable manner!
  8. by   RN2007
    This reminds me of a male Sociology professor that I had in 1987 and I remember how he started off most every class with intimidating statements like: If any one has anything intelligient to say, you may bring it up now, otherwise I shall continue with today's lesson. Most of the time, nobody said anything in his class, but the few that did, he would interrupt and tell them that if they had read their lesson, that they would not have brought up such riduculous questions / statements. I remember I got an A out of the course and I scored highest on the final exam. However, when he told me in front of the class that I made the best grade, he told me that he would not have figured that I would be the one to score the highest. I smiled at him and said, too bad, and not only that but I just waited and read over my notes and the chapters the night before the test!! Boy, he had an ugly smirk on his face then...

    Iliel, it all is based on how far in this class you are, because you should not have to repeat a lot of this class due to his rudeness, just finish the class and be done with him afterwards... Ha ha....
  9. by   Caitlin's Mommy
    My grandmother was a nurse for 45 years.The best advice she gave me was there is no such thing as a stupid question,and to ask questions if I didn't understand ,and to keep asking untill I did understand.No one is stupid for asking questions ,they are trying to learn.That what this teacher is here for,if he can not exept the fact that is his job, then he needs to find another job.I'd definately report him to the dean of students.
    Their is no need in this kind of behavior.Especialy from a teacher!
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  10. by   susanmary
    I would speak to your professor before I filed a formal complaint. I would be calm, and tell him exactly what you've stated here. His behavior is unprofessional. You can always file a complaint with the school. I would keep it short, objective, and to-the-point (don't need a 3-page complaint with every detail -- administration won't really go beyond the first few points.)

    This is an old story ... we've all encountered good & bad teachers. Sometimes, the "bad" experiences/teachers really shape our lives in ways we can't even imagine. After being out of school for over 15 years, I had the most insane A&P instructor -- for example if the cranial nerves were completely correct -- numbers/what they did/correct spelling -- if they were't written in ROMAN NUMERALS -- then you would get no credit for the answer. Very OCD. Hated her class ... didn't like her as a professor or person. But she set me up to succeed in any other class -- every class -- including advanced physiology, statistics, etc. -- were a piece of cake after dealing with her. She told me, the first day of class, to drop out because I would never pass the class having been out of school for so long.

    Fast forward -- got A's in her classes & ended up working as a student tutor the following year. You don't have to like your teacher ... but you should expect to be treated with respect by your teacher -- whether you are a child or an adult. By the way, congratulations on the B in math. B is ABOVE average -- and you should be proud.

    Remember -- whether you speak to your professor or the dean -- keep your emotions in check -- present the facts -- keep it simple. Hostile learning environments are not condusive to learning. Hang in there.