1. Does anyone know of any good resume sites? I'm trying to create one and it needs some help. If anyone has any tips feel free to post them. Thanks!

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  3. by   renerian
    Microsoft works and office has some good templates. Do you have either of those products?

  4. by   maeyken
    Have you checked your school for resources? At mine, we've got a career centre that helps people write resumes, prepare for job interviews, etc. Maybe your school has one? I know for me, having someone go through and explain things to me really helps!

    ~ maeyken
  5. by   gwenith
    Here are a few tips on


    DO NOT PAD I have read resumes/CV that are 2 cms thick because someone has gone back and listed EVERY job they have ever held including the houshold chores for pocketmoney. Believe me after your first couple of interviews it becomes easy to spot teh padding and will often bian the person against you. Yes tehy want to know if you have work/life experience and if you can stick to a job but keep it brief.

    Don't add in your merit award for sunday school unless that was in first aid or management of church restructuring. If it will fit i.e. show leadership skill then leave it in other wise bin it. Keep it relevant.

    DO NOT hand in a handwritten note on torn faded coloured notepaper. Type it neatly and professionally. Plenty fo white space and a size 12 clean font. First impressions are vital

    If you have to answer written quesitons for an application then DO NOT make your answers too wordy - your future employer will have probably had just 2 - 3 minutes to prepare for the interview and will not want to read 5 pages per question.

    DO not dash off something at the last minute. Prepare ahead a(HOO! says me!)

    DO not leave in grammatical errors. If the paper has poor grammar and sentence structure it will leave the interviewer wondering about your charting skills. Read what you have written aloud to someone else and correct as neccessary before submitting.

    Do not fail to sell yourself you have lots of sterling qualities - just the person they should be looking for - just let them know it.

    AND WORST OF ALL DO NOT MAKE BRAGGART STATEMENTS, I sat on an interview panel for a higher level nursing position where one applicants resume had the statement "I have a bachelors degree in nursing which should be more than adequate for any job in this hospital." I did not say anything to my fellow interviewers but I knew when they had reached that statement by the indrawn breaths. Needless to say he did not get the job.

    I hope this helps
  6. by   Keely-FutureRN
    Wow thanks for the tips gwenith! I have microsoft works and office and I'll check my career center at school and see if they have anything. Thanks! :kiss

  7. by   llg
    I agree with gwenith's tips and would add:

    1. Don't get too cutesy or gimmicky. Avoid things like clip art, diagrams, etc. Your resume should not look or read like a sales presentation from a slick pitchman.

    2. I read somewhere (in a recent Advance magazine, I believe) to check your e-mail address -- and it is soooo true. You should include it on your resume -- but not if it is something like "****"

    3. Be clear about the experiences you are getting as student and experiences you have as an employee. Some new grads slip in their student clinicals as if they were jobs. When I discover this, I always feel as if the applicant were trying to pull a fast one on me and I think badly of her/him as a result. As all nursing students have clinicals in a variety of areas, emloyers assume that -- so there is no need to list it all out. The most I would do is to highlight any special experiences or projects that you did as a student -- ones that would show your special interests and/or talents.

    4. Be careful what you list as objectives, goals, etc. Make sure they fit the job you are applying for. You would be surprised how often they don't. Personally, I don't list any on mine, prefering to discuss mine as part of the interview process.

    Just a couple of thoughts,
  8. by   zacarias
    If you are looking for nursing resumes, this site has some good examples you might want to check out:

    Nursing Resumes

    Good luck!

  9. by   Keely-FutureRN