Quitting nursing school? - Not really.. just a rant - page 3

I'm just really having a rough time this semester, and needed to rant somewhere. Figured who else could understand better than other nursing students, right? :) I've been on the verge of... Read More

  1. by   jenrninmi
    (((Hugs))) You poor thing! I don't know how you do it! I don't have much advice for you...I do have a 7 and 6 year old and a husband that is gone quite a bit with work and/or national guard but right now I'm feeling really lucky. As I'm working on a project up in my room the kids and dh are watching a movie downstairs and cuddling. (He's the best dad in the world!) I spent the 1st half of my day in urgent care today because I thought I had the flu. Turns out it's Strep. (oops!)

    I hope you were able to get some rest today! I'm thinking about you!
  2. by   happthearts
    OK don't give up the ship First off are you taking vitamians. You sound worn out and stressed out.Next I would tell Dear husband he has to help this is not an option that your kid need to help as well. Girl you need to take back your life .Your going to have a job chart and if it doesn't get done everyone stays home in there room .NO TV No nothing.
    Hate to tell you what I did with my son I gave him one week to clean up his act.and told him anything would be tossed that wasn't put away.Well he didn't listen and I started tossing bagged it all up .He came home from school and said what happened .I said I told you. He started up again leaving a mess again I warned him .Oh so you want to lose your stuff again He started picking up right away. Make your dear husband in charge of your son have him help with home work and go to parent meetings with the teacher. Have a family meeting saying mom has to get through school you all have to help.

    Resistance is futal YOU will be assimilated.Like the borg says.

    Don't let dear hubby set on his backside watching Tv.
    As for your other family this is hard! I would just say Mom your stressing me out. You need to stop fooling arround and take care of your selve Your going to cause me to fail school from worry.You are and adult so take care of your selve.Its blunt but don't enable them.
    I made my own Mom mad as heck saying this one time. But she went to the hospitial She had a rattle snake bite she didn't take care of.She didn't know for sure so she was fooling arround on this .

    I would go apply for medicail like every one else said Get that pap.

    Its your life take it back! Don't set there and cry .So you have all this crap going on .so your car hit a deer fix what you can and so you have a dent no big deal as long as the engine can run that's all you need. So your house is out of control .You have a goal look towards it .You have to finsh school!

    I personaly have lost everything in an earthquake in Califorina Loss my home my job ,my husbands bussness all in one day.I cried and baweled for awhile untill I took my life back.! I got mad and fought and didn't take crap anymore.Made others responsible for there own life.

    I wished someone would have told me to wake up and get out of this distructive mode sooner.I don't mean to be un-feeling here .But If you don't get control .You'll be in a mental health unit and there be no one at home to take care of the house and kids the husband and your Mom.

    Life gives you crap so use it for fertializer ,spread it arround so things can grow!