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Hi all, I have not taken my NET test yet and I was just wondering how the math part of it is. Is there alot of algebra or more basic math? I am not very good at math so I am a little... Read More

  1. by   Jennerizer
    You got to use a calculator???? Wow! At my school we don't. We can't even use a calculator for the medication equations in nursing.

    Also with the reading comprehension, it is more important to answer the questions correctly than worry about how much time it takes to read the paragraphs. When I was testing, there were other students in the room that were taking other tests & their computers were giving them trouble. Needless to say, there were many disruptions & it took me twice as long to read the paragraphs. Although it shows on the test results, it doesn't affect your test results. It's better to take your time & comprehend the information than to race through it just because you may be worried about the time limit.
  2. by   allthingsbright
    Just some 411-my test was computerized and did not allow calculators-so check on that when you sign up for the test.

    Good luck,
  3. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    My test was also computerized.....the only "calculator" we could use was the one on the computer.....

    Also, don't sweat the algebra questions. There was only about 3-5 of those questions. Just review your basic math skills and you will be fine.
  4. by   ExAirBagRN
    I am really suprised at all the differences regarding how the NET is taken! I guess that I should thank my lucky stars that I could use the calculator-don't know if we can in school, but am thankful none the less. In regards to the reading comprehension part of the test here, time AND subject are of importance. In other words we needed to work quickly and wisely. Goes to show that nothing is ever "universal" in nursing, just a big grey area!!!DAWN
  5. by   Hartmissy
    I really appreciate everyone who has respond. It makes it not as scary.Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!! Missy
  6. by   Shirley LaFerney
    Can you tell me what the front of this book looked like?