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Okay so this is my first semester getting financial aid and my pell grant was enough so that it will pay for my books as well as tuition. So I just called Financial Aid to ask how I go about getting... Read More

  1. by   sagelola
    WOW! I wish we were able to charge to our Pell Grants at the bookstore! The CC I am transferring from didn't mail out checks til the end of the first week (which I see is better than some of the other schools out there...September??? Geesh!). The University mails out checks the week BEFORE school starts. This is better than the CC, but still the bookstore has been open for a month when we finally get out FA. I already know I won't be able to get any used books.

    We don't have the "extra" funds right now for me to just buy out of my pocket and pay other bills later. Also, no credit card for us. Wrecked my credit way before I even knew what credit was!
  2. by   maire
    My Pell Grant also covers the cost of tuition plus books; however, unless you are going full time (and I'm not; only 9 credits) the school does not allow you to use your Pell money in the bookstore. Instead, they mail you a note and you go pick up the check for the remainder of the money (after tuition is paid for) AFTER the semester is over. Figure that one out. So on the credit card go my books. It's the stupidest thing I have ever heard, but at least I do get the money back...eventually.
  3. by   nekhismom
    My school allows you to charge books from Pell grant to the bookstore. We don't get refunds until after the 6th week of class, then they are mailed. Talk about scraping by! But at least i don't have to charge books! That is ridiculous. Feel sorry for everyone who has to go in debt for books when they have a Pell grant already waiting on them.
  4. by   camkib
    ...And here I thought my school was unique and "special"

    I've been complaining about the way my school does pell refunds since I started taking classes. Pell recipients can't buy books until 2 days before classes begin. We can purchase books against our Pell...but-- First, we have to stand in a KILLER line to get a piece of paper that verifies that we are getting pell...then we have to stand in a second killer line for the bookstore (it's a small bookstore, so they only allow a limited no. of students in at one time). Once in the bookstore, you've gotta be sure to get EVERYTHING you need because if you forget can't get another "stupid" pell verification sheet for 3 days.

    After all of that...the school mails out the remaining pell amount in the middle of the semester. I won't get a check for fall until mid-October.

    Because of this system...I had to pay out of pocket to purchase my clinical uniforms.... which of course takes away from my 5 children who are also returning to school!

    If the Pell grant is based on need...why do schools make it seem like students can pay for everything before we get the check?