Question about Accreditation

  1. I'm planning on taking nursing program at this community college in Illinois to be RN but I found out that the school isn't accredited by National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

    I was researching about nursing programs and some website says that if schools are not accredited by a national nursing accreditation body, I will be able to take the NCLEX exam but I might not be qualified to attend an accredited school of nursing for higher degree(RN to BSN or MSN).
    Is it true????

    I want to get BSN or MSN in the future and I don't want to take the wrong path.

    Please help me with this one.
    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   ageless
    perhaps you should contact the Board of Nursing in your state to verify the school's status:

    100 W RANDOLPH STE 9-300
    CHICAGO IL 60601
    Phone: 312-814-2715
    Fax: 312-814-3145
  4. by   renerian
    I would agree with the above post. Call the BON right away before you waste time...

  5. by   Zumz
    Thank you Ageless and renerian!
    I'll ask them right away.
  6. by   Loubell RN 2B
    I contacted the Board of Nursing for a Community College I am attending because I wanted to know their passing rate for the NCLEX and find out more about their accreditation. It says on the website the CC was pending accreditation. They told me that it really does not matter anymore unless you are going into the military. As long as it is an approved program by the states community colleges, then you should be okay to get into a BSN program. They said that there is such a need for nurses that this is not a factor weighed heavily..

    To feel more comfortable though, call the Board of Nursing and a couple of colleges that you might attend for your BSN to see what they think.

  7. by   Zumz
    Lynda, thank you so much.
    I contacted the school, NLNAC, and the Board of Nursing yesterday. I haven't heard from NLNAC and the Board of Nursing yet but school's nursing program coordinator also told me that their graduates have no probmel getting into BSN program but I was still skeptical about it. I feel so much relieved after reading your post.
    Thanks again!!!
  8. by   Loubell RN 2B
    No problem Zumz, I am glad that I could ease some of your anxiety. I know how it is to not really know what to expect or what in the world your suppose to do first, second, etc...

    I am a little anxious myself because the school that I am attending is considering putting a cap on admissions. Of course it had to happen the semester I plan on submitting my application. They also changed their application process, so I can not even rely on any previous students advice. I also have to take the NET exam which I have the study guide for but am a little nervous about taking since I have not had algebra in years....

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you...

  9. by   New CCU RN
    I would call a few BSN admissions programs as well to verify that. Not that the board gave out misinformation but I know that all of the programs I am researching right now for MSN require you recieved your degree from an accredited university.... just check on that info!!!!!

    Good luck.
  10. by   Zumz
    Lynda, I hope everything will go smooth for us so we can be RN's someday soon
    Good luck on your NET exam!!!
  11. by   Zumz
    Hi New CCU RN!
    I checked some BSN programs that I may attend in the future. Some of them say that I have to graduate from NLN accredited school and some say that it doesn't matter as long as it is approved nursing program.
    The area I'll be moving to, there are only two accredited school and it will cost me sooooooo much. I wish they were cheaper
    I guess I just have to decide what to do.
    Thank you for the advice
  12. by   tatianamik
    Also look to see if accrediation is pending and when it will happen. My school was not accredited when I started, but 1 year after I started they did finish the accredidation process. I was actually on the panel of night students who talked to the accredidation committee. They made this retroactive to all graduates.
  13. by   Jennerizer
    I would doublecheck it also. There is a law school here in Florida that didn't pass accredidation & the students who graduated are not allowed to sit for the bar exam. They have to take the classes all over I don't trust any school that isn't accredited or even pending accredidation. I know law is a different field, but I would still be wary.
  14. by   ashse
    If your school is approved by your state Board of Nursing, you can sit for the NCLEX. As for admission to higher level programs, that probably just depends on which schools you'll apply to. My program is not NLN accredited (yet, but it's a work in progress) but approved by FL BON. Many of the graduates of this school (ADN program) go on to either University of West Florida or University of South Alabama (both nearby) for their BSN with no problems.

    Out of curiosity, are you a military family? The Japan to Illinois thing has me curious............