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Hello, I just flipped through the April AJN and came across an interesting article r/t history of RN uniforms. An interesting point was made, that although new scrubs are cheaper, easier to take... Read More

  1. by   StephanieMc
    Quote from OBGirlYN
    Our graduating class has decided to don the traditional white uniform, with hats, for our ceremony. There is so much tradition in this outfit that it seems sacreligious to do less. The nurses that came before paved the way for all of us and they deserve our respect, even if this is the only time any of us ever wear it again. I agree that too many people in the hospitals wear scrubs and it does confuse the patients. Come on, it confuses the staff at times too!! The local hospitals here have encouraged the RN's to return to white. There is respect and status that comes with the old faithful white uniforms. And come on, we all paid a fortune to get to that white!!! Good Luck in your endeavours!!!!
    OBGirl....I know what you are feeling, I felt that way too while i was in school and right after I graduated in 1978. But trust me your infatuation with "white" will be short lived. It gets old and I have had more patients tellme then not that they like the bright colors of our uniforms. They say it brightens up a dreary/dull stay in the hospital. Every one has their own opinions about this, that is why they still make a few white uniforms...for the ones that havent been in nursing long. Good luck after graduation. Are you going to specialize in OB/GYN? I have done ortho/trauma and neurosurgery, but my true love is ICU. I hope you enjoy nursing as much as i have the past 26 years. We need more nurses to come in and stay in.
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    Quote from OBGirlYN
    I totally agree with you about Peds, i mean those kids are scared enough as it is!! As for white and dingy (dont know if i spelled that any better lol) there are a couple great cleaners that work. Just dont use bleach!!! Bleach makes them yellow. My parents used to own a uniform shop so thats what we always told people. Either use color safe bleach, bleach alternative, or just a quality detergent, like Tide or Dreft. The cheep stuff isnt the best. I just feel a strong sence of community when wearing the old faithful white. And maybe a printed jacket? I have a hello kitty nurse one thats my favorite!! Best to you all!!!
    When I worked at a childrens hospital, we were told during orientation that we were not even allowed to wear white tops! White pants were okay if you really wanted, but they much preferred you to wear colors instead. This even applied to lab coats! The docs had theirs made in pastel colors, actually. Kids just start screaming when they see white...

    As for the dingy white scrub problem, I hear ya. During nursing school, I saw some pictures of me with my clinical group. It looked like a TIDE commercial, LOL. My whole group looked all bright white, and I looked so dingy next to them. We had well water, you see. Finally found a solution - Iron Out powder mixed into loads of white. Just don't put any prints in there - I did once and the print faded so much it was unrecognizable!
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    You can keep your white scrubs white by putting 2 TBS cream of tater in with the detergent.But please use some spray starch and iron the creases in the pants,and clean the shoes.Then do the best job possible.
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  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I've used bluing to counteract the yellowing in the white pants for clinical, and for my socks. Bleach is harsh.
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    ... the four P's - puke, poop, pee, and puss...
    Gotta remember that in case it shows up on any quiz. Thanks!
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    When I was in nursing school, I couldnt wait until the day I could wear scrubs. To me, that was the identification of the nursing feild, whether it be a CNA, LVN or RN. In the facility I work in, our PT/OT/ST staff wears either casual dress, or navy blue scrubs. The housekeeping staff all wear polo shirts and slacks. the Kitchen staff wear white shirts and black pants. The dietician wears casual dress clothes with a lab coat. And the nurses and cna's all wear teal scrubs. Now, it takes *maybe* a week to learn whos who, (maybe longer if your color blind) and of course this color coding system is specific to my facility, but maybe something like that could be utilized? IMO, scrubs are the best attire for patient care. They are comfortable, washable, HAVE POCKETS! and, when youre struggling with a combative patient, or when you have to crawl around looking for the bedpan that was kicked under the bed, do you really want to be wearing something any dressier than that? (note: i did NOT say "a dress") Because when youre down there crawling around, and your knee squishes through BM and smears down your leg, nothing looks more *unprofessional* than dressy clothing that is dirty. Scrubs at least, you sort of expect them to get dirty. It comes with the territory. Nursing was never called a "clean" profession.

    On another note, just something that grates me raw: Unless you are *new* to the Internet, you would know that typing in caps is considered rude and considered yelling. It is *not* one person's perspective on capital letters.
    I suggest checking out:
    to educate yourself before you look silly.
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    Quote from Kora0880
    But who says ANYTHING ABOUT DRESSES OR WHITE???? On the contrary, maybe pants, color appropriate, just professional looking and comfy most of all. Something that will say, I'm a nurse and I'm proud of it, and there is no mistake about it. That's all (President Bush would like the "make no mistake about it" )
    I absolutely agree with you. Something smart, yet unstarched. I think scrubs can look too scruffy at times. Sorry, but some people don't take enough care of their appearance, and scrubs don't enhance that. I am not saying that we are all tatty-looking, but I think a more regimented uniform would be more professional.

    I know big and baggy is comfy, but to be quite honest, smart and tailored is far more flattering!
  8. by   COwannabe
    When my Dad was in hospital, a good practice of theirs was to write on a dry erase board, the name of the nurse and the name of the tech. We got to know them all by name and they helped me with my training (I am currently studying for my RN).
  9. by   PCGrad06
    i think the scrubs should be for the health care team only cna lpn and rns. i go to the local walmart and see "everyone" wearing them. at the hospital you don't know who you are talking with until you look at their name. the accounting people the ones who deliver the food to patients and this cracks me up even the cleaning people. i think they should have their own uniform code and leave ours alone. i am working to hard to wear them (someday). scrubs are for the healthcare team only is what i say hands off . as for how they should look well i agree no hats:chuckle
  10. by   PACU R/N
    From an Australian R/N perspective Kora - I agree with you. In our hospital uniform we now look like the office worker, and it makes me feel as though I should be sitting in front of a computer with headphones on. Yes, I would like to wear something white. Prefer the pants, with a plain coloured top, and pockets of course.
    Some of our shirts have such a busy print on them. I wouldn't like to be a sick patient having to look at them. No caps. I was one who had to wear starched caps, cuffs and wide belt with the white dress uniform and starched apron over the top. Must say it did look good, but was uncomfortable.
    While we are here, I would like to be addressed as Sister, not by my first name/christian name. Doctor still gets addressed as Doctor by the patient.
  11. by   canadiangal
    Yikes...heheheh...i cringed when u said ur 5'3 and u cant wear flats...i'm 4'11 and i still do cause i cant wear heels. But yeh i get wut ur sayin...being comfortable is important.

    Quote from jaimealmostRN
    A few days ago, my class had to do professional presentations (eg: we had to wear dress clothes). I wore my "interview" pants, a nice silk button down shirt and (gasp) heels. OMG, after the short walk from the parking lot to our classroom my feet were so uncomfortable, by the end of the day I was walking around our school in stocking bare feet. As soon as I got back to my car, I put on my flip flops! I never want to dress up at my job! Ever!!! And I can't wear flats b/c I'm 5'3'', even my nursing shoes (clogs) have about a 1.5'' platform! I think to look professional at our jobs we should have clean, short or tied back hair, appropriate make-up and act accordingly. I have never gotten any disrespect from other professionals, including doctors b/c I don't act silly, giggly, or dumb (despite being blonde ). And if I sense an attitude the get the "eye" (my raised one eyebrow) that sets them straight!
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    Quote from mstewart
    what about screen printing "nurse" on accross the back of the scrubs top and on teh front corner...lpn, rn, msn-whatever. or better yet....nurse on the butt of scub bottoms!!! yeah, that will get people's attention!
    i think that's the best idea i've ever heard for a uniform...i love it :hatparty:

    this is coming from someone who started nursing 30 years ago, in dresses with starched collars (agh) caps and aprons.... boy do i enjoy wearing my scrubs :chuckle
  13. by   jenrninmi
    Quote from CNM2B
    I prefer the comfort of scrubs and think they look fine.
    Me too.........