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Hi Everyone! Since I noticed a lot of folks on this list have kids, I just wanted to know if any of you were or are now pregnant while in nursing school. I am going into my last year of school,... Read More

  1. by   RNSuzq1

    As the Mother of 3 boys, this is just my humble opinion on the topic. I had our 1st Son a year before I got out of the Navy - only got 6 weeks off and had to go right back to the hospital I was working at - working very long hours - meaning our newborn was in daycare for many hours a day. Being in the military I didn't have the option to quit and it broke my heart that I missed out on so much of his young life.

    After we got out we had 2 more Sons - we chose to give up a lot financially so I could stay at home with them and not put them in daycare. As I said, this is just my opinion - I think daycare is ok for older kids, but babies and Mom's need each other so much during those early days and it goes by like a flash. One day you're nursing them and the next they're getting on the bus heading to school - it happens that fast.

    Becoming a Nurse would have been so much easier if I had gone to school and been settled in my career before we had the kids - but life happened. I've waited until now - the kids are all in school and it's finally my turn to pursue this. For me at least - it would be very hard to go to school if I still had one in diapers and was up several times a night for feedings - oh I still remember all those sleepless nights - it's a hard job all on it's own. Just my .02 cents. Good luck to you all in whatever you choose. Susan
  2. by   LauraLou
    Sorry this is so long and rambling...

    I have been having the same debate as the OP, but for me age is more of an issue. Over the years my husband and I have discussed having children, but we weren't sure if we really wanted to and it always seemed like we had lots of time.

    Well, now I am 35 and in my first semester of nursing school. If I wait until I graduate, I will be 37. I don't know if it is any less risky to be pregnant at 35 than 37, but the extra two years certainly can't help.

    I have read a lot about having your first baby over 35 and there is higher risk for complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, etc. That means that I would probably have a harder time trying to go to school while pregnant than someone younger.

    What I can't decide is if it is better to wait two years and be pregnant at 37 or try to go to school while pregnant at 35. Neither seems a particularly good option. Quitting school and having a baby and then going back isn't an option. We can't afford for me to not work that long and have to pay for 2 years of daycare for while I am in school.

    My husband wants to wait until I am out of school. He doesn't think 2 years will make much of a difference. I just don't know what is best. Please pray that God will show me what path is right for us.

    Hint- Don't wait until you are 35 to decide to have children!!!
  3. by   ellusion
    Wow, I had no idea that there were so many nursing students on here going through the same thing! Im really glad there are so many of us here, now we can all give each other support over the ever lingering question! ;p
    Last night I believe I had my first real "body ache" to have a baby. ( and of course those silly diaper/ baby food comercials don't help! with those perfectly happy and quiet babies!) :chuckle
    Anyway, I think I may have come up with a decision that will help me and hopefully will be an alternative for someone elses delima. I'm thinking about just getting my LPN and then having a baby. That way I will have a good job to fall back on untill I can finish RN school. (I'm still not sure yet but it's an option).

    LauraLou: That is a tough decision! and it makes it so much harder when your husband wants to wait! (like mine, but he said he's warming up to the idea) Anyway good luck and I hope the deciscion you make turns out to be the best!

    SusanNC: I agree I would hate to have to put my children in day care to early or for too long. I used to work at one and it seemed that it caused some of the kids that had been there all day every day to become rebellious and troubled. Good luck with your schooling

    Mrs.Yost: I know how you feel! I also worry about having a gap between school and working in the hospital. Seems so important to get an early and solid edge in the field befor you leave. (so others have said) How does your husband feel about it?

    det01: Military! I understand. My husband is in the Air Force. However, we got stuck far away from family and it wont be untill he leaves the AF until we can be near them again. So probably for the next 7 years the AF IS my family! lol. Oh and BTW I love your babys name "Savannah." Its a really great city too!
    Well thank you all for the advice and imput! Im sure there are many others who will read this stuff later to help them decide. Talk to you all soon.
  4. by   enfermeraSG
    Ok, working in OB, I have to put my two cents in. Do yourself a favor, and at least wait until you graduate. You cannot assume that you'll have a "wonderful healthy, everything went well pregnancy." I wish you all the luck that you do, but reality is that they don't all go as planned REGARDLESS of how healthy you are or how good you care for yourself. My first two pregnancies went terrific, but my last ended my up on bedrest for the last half of the pregnancy. That would suck during nursing school! I have seen both nurses and residents alike being stuck on bedrest or otherwise ill enough during the pregnancy that they could not function. Think about it first! SG
  5. by   Monica RN,BSN
    I was pregnant in nursing school, and it worked out fine. with the exception that I went back to school 4 days post partum. I was in OB at the time, and had only 4 weeks left to complete the course, otherwise I would have had to repeat it. (then it would have been 16 weeks) and I would have not grad with my class. Good luck to whatever you decide. It always works out how ever it is supposed to be.
    A friend told me once, if the good lord leads you to it, he will see you thru it.