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  1. I just found out that I am pregnant! Unexpected** I have two children, they are in their teens. I decided to go into nursing. I am getting my core credits out of the way. I was suppose to start my first year of nursing in the fall of 2004. My baby is due in May!! Has anyone else gone through Nursing school with a new baby. Help I dont know what to do. Do I skip Nursing school for a year or can I do it with a new baby. I am 33 years old. I feel so lost. Can anyone give me some advice. Help Help Help
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  3. by   rnnurse2be
    Funny you brought this up. No, I am not prego but am seriously considering adopting a girl from Russia. We have 2 bio sons who are 10 and 8 now. If we wait, then they will be 12.5 and 10.5 yrs old when I am through and I dont know if the age dfifference would be harder on them then or not.

    I DO KNOW many moms in the program, one has a 7 mo old, 2 yr old and a 3 yr old.

    How badly do you want the Nursing degree? Would you be able to go back and finish when your little one is 1 or 2?
    Many things to think about isn't there?!

    I understand even though Im not pregnant....but the trips to Russia will be at least 1 week each babysitter....yadda yadda yadda...

    Oh... Im 32 yrs old too
  4. by   Jen2
    A friend of mine, went through nursing school the entire time while she was pregnant. In her last month, she had one more rotation to go. She delivered on a Thursday morning and went back to her clinical site on Monday morning. Thankfully her OGBYN saw her there and told her instructors that she needed more time off. Even though she only took a week, she finished the program and passed her boards the first time. If she can so this, anyone can.
  5. by   marilynmom
    Well I am a mom to a 1 year old and a 5 year old and though I am still "just" doing my pre-reqs it is NOT easy. And with a baby a lot will depend on how his/her personality is (colicky and up all night, or laid back or something in between). Will you have mucjh time to study with a new baby (probably not).

    I dont think it is really anything you can plan out for sure right now. Just take it as it comes. As you know from other kids, some pregnancies are easy and some are HARD, same with babies.

    Personally I would wait until my baby was a year old to start nursing school but that is JUST my opinion and it might not be right for you. Babies get sick, some night you get no sleep, you know how it is. You will just need a good back-up plan if you do decide to go. Its not an easy decision, but either way I think you will do great!!

    CONGRATS and have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

  6. by   altomga
    hey Mandilynne...first off CONGRATS.......(unexpected surprises are usually the best) I personally started college when my first one was 1 1/2yo....doing pre-req' pregnant again before she was 2yo.....then I had a 2 1/2yo and newborn (still doing pre-reqs) I continued to go to college, but only did one class at a time and took off summer the time I graduated my children were almost 7yo and 5yo. Yes it took over a span of 6yrs and was not easy...(most of the time I was in the nursing program my husband long hauled on a 18 wheeler and was only home on the weekends) I thankfully had a wonderful, terrific, trustworthy babysitter who without her I don't know if I could have done it...I had to take my kids to her at 0430-0500 on my clinical days and she would have to put the oldest on the bus for husband though was extremely supportive the entire time and without him I could not have done it either.

    What I am trying to say is that it can be done...maybe not in the timeframe most would do it, but it can! I did it the way I did b/c I wanted to be a mom..I was basically only away for 2hrs on class days.

    It is way around it, but you can do it if you want it bad enough and not take away from you little one, your teenagers should be able to help out some too while you go to school

    Whatever you decide at this time..don't give up on your dream

    Good Luck and have a healthy, happy, beautiful BABY!!!
  7. by   fourbirds4me
    Congratulations... when I went back to school I had a 3 month old. I was able to breastfeed exclusively and graduate with honors! It can be done.... however, I had a great support system.

    Good luck with whatever you chose!
  8. by   ulianka
    BTW, I am russian, so if you need any help to translate anything - PM me. It is a great thing that you are planning to do.
  9. by   ulianka
    I started taking my prereqs when my second child was 5 months. He is 15 months old now, and I am going full time. There is such thing in most schools as a "reduced load". Talk to an academic advisor. YOU CAN DO IT! It will be tough (hey, my little Mike chewed half of my chemistry homework)but it is possible and fun. It is challenging, but you will feel on top of the world if you don't give up. Personally, I knew I realized it is THE ONLY PROFESSION for me. And I want it! Kids are satellites. Life is not supposed to be built for them, it is supposed to be built WITH them! Go ahead.
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  10. by   fnimat1
    First I want to send you some ((((HUGS)))). I became pregnant unexpectedly last year and was accepted into the nursing program for September 2003. Unfortunately I was having complications before the semester started so I forfeited my spot. I am happy to say that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Dec. 26. Part of me is glad that I gave up my spot.....part of me isn't. I don't really know how strenous nursing school is as I am waiting to be accepted (after I take my 2nd chance NET). Just think this through thoroughly....from every angle. Good luck to you and take care of yourself. Hope to post to you soon.

    Fatima (mommy of 4....2 dd's 8-9 in 5 days, 7 yrs....2 ds...2 1/2 and 6 mths.)
  11. by   MandiLynne
    Thanks for all the great advice. I am going to try and go through with it. It is so scary. I have never given up on anything. I dont want nursing school to be the start. I just hope moneywise I can handle it. Thank you everyone
  12. by   altomga
    Originally posted by MandiLynne
    Thanks for all the great advice. I am going to try and go through with it. It is so scary. I have never given up on anything. I dont want nursing school to be the start. I just hope moneywise I can handle it. Thank you everyone

    Just remember...whenever you need to SCREAM!! We will be here for you...Use us as your punching board! Keep us update and let us know how the pregnancy and school goes!!

    Again...good luck {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  13. by   sanakruz
    I graduated Aug 13, 1983 and gave birth to my first child Aug 17, 1983.I delivered him at the same hospital where I did my OB rotation.
    I heard this in a film once:"Good things take time.Great things happen all at once."

    This falls in to the GOOD catagory for you ,I believe!
  14. by   renerian
    with a 2 month old and two year old and working full time.....