Pocket Guides for Clinicals?!?

  1. Has anyone used a pocket guide in clinicals? I was at the bookstore yesterday and saw a plethora of these on the shelf and wondered if they would be helpful. I have a few things I have printed in my little spiral notebook that I use for reference and so far, haven't really found that I needed more. Our CI for second semester brings a drug book that we can reference if needed.

    I'm not ready to invest the money or time in learning how to use a PDA at this time; my hands are full with NS!

    If you have found them helpful, any suggestions on which one to buy?
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  3. by   CityKat
    I was told I had to buy my palm and such and actually, I am glad I did. I like it, it's small enough to put in my pocket at the hospital and it has everything I need within a quick tap. Pharm updates, pathophysiology, mechanisms of action with drugs, anatomy, definitions, etc. Everything you can think of is on that thing and I update it regularly for free.
  4. by   JentheRN05
    Having a palm or pda is great if you have the money. If not, a little tiny spiral bound book called RNotes is a great resource tool. It even has space for you to use dry erase markers to keep notes on the days patients I think it cost like $10 or $12 and it's well worth it. Has tons of hints and scales (coma, glascow, pain, you name it) Normal levels of labs just tons of stuff and it fits in a pocket
  5. by   donsterRN
    Ditto that! RNotes is a good buy, and has lots of clinical information.
  6. by   shellsgogreen
    [font=book antiqua]when i first got into the nursing program, i bought this teeny tiny book called rn notes, and of course promptly forgot about it....until i got to the second semester and realized i had this great resource lost somewhere in my house....
    [font=book antiqua]now every clinical i have that in one pocket and my own notebook of "how to's" in the other (plus a teeny tiny calculator.
    [font=book antiqua]i definitely recommend that book !
    [font=book antiqua]