Please educate me

  1. Hello my friends,

    I haven't started nursing school yet, but am working on the pre-reqs and have a question for you.

    What does the term telemetry unit refer to? I know that it is a department in the hospital setting, but just not sure what it's all about. Also, when you see in someone's posts "LTC" what do they mean? Is that "Large Trauma Center"? Thank you for giving me a clue!
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Telemetry is a unit where patients are hooked up to wires that monitor the activity of the heart. Telemetry nurses are able to read these heart rhthyms and act accordingly.

    LTC refers to Long Term Care, such as in Nursing Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and areas like that.

    Hope that helps! There sure are a lot of abbrevations and new words in nursing

  4. by   nightingale
    And you do pick it up.. believe me.. I had to chuckle reading this because I can still remember many years agoa asking my good friend, "What does ADL (actviites of daily living) mean? lol

    Good luck to you!

  5. by   StudentSandra
    Proud in Texas,
    I started reading different RN message boards while doing my support classes, you would be amazed at how much just knowing some of these initials will help you out. Anytime you read a post & can't figure out what we are talking about, just ask.

    Good luck.
  6. by   colleen10
    A little off the subject but when my husband and I were in college we had to take a few credits of gym class. It was my husbands last semester and he had a lot of gym to make up. He signed up for a "Personal Def." gym class. Silly him thought is was Personal Definition - like a strenngth training / body sculpting class. He realized when he got to class on the first day it was Personal Defense and he was the only man. He had no choice but to take it because he needed it to graduate. For the whole semester he was the "attacker". If you were single I guess it would be a good way to meet girls.
  7. by   lisadavis
    try CABG said as a cabbage i thought i was in nursing not farming lol (coronary artery bypass and graft)
  8. by   betts
    ALF= Assisted Living Facility

    MAC: Moronic Asinine Crap

    DEC: Do Expect Cuts
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Alo check out our glossary -- blue button above located next to BB sign.
  10. by   maire
    D'oh, NRSKarenRN, you just saved me a lot of "Huh??" time!

    My husband is in the military and sometimes he comes home and literally talks in abbreviations. I wish there was a "glossary" button I could push on him.

    Thanks for the tip.
  11. by   proud2bme
    Ok, since you encouraged me to ask questions here is another one for ya.

    What does DH stand for? I have seen in other posts when someone is talking about their husband, they don't actually say my "husband". They use the term DH.

    Does that mean: DUMB HUSBAND?
    By the way, thank you for educating me. I think in the long run all the abbreviations will save alot of time (assuming I know what they mean!) LOL!
  12. by   StudentSandra
    Darling or Dear husband, but I liked Dumb husband also.

    <g> grin
    Originally posted by proud2bme

    Does that mean: DUMB HUSBAND?
    I think that the literal meaning is DARLING HUSBAND , but I usually mean any of the others you mentioned

  14. by   meribelle
    Oh , I thought DH was designated husband