PLease Advise ME!!!!

  1. Hey Everyone,
    My name's Krissy and I'll be going into my junior year this Fall for my BSN...problem is, I'm on my own. I have to work at least part-time. I'm a good student...I have a 3.64 right now, but I know nursing school is gonna be hard! It doesn't help either when the instructors tell you it's not wise to work. Is there anyone out there in my situation who has done it and has some advice?? I'm scared! Please help! :imbar
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  3. by   renerian
    I worked part time with a two year old, a 2 month old, babysat six kids under 2. Granted I was whipped all the time. My dtr and son both are in health care programs at college, one in nursing and one in the biotechnology genetics program and they both work full time. It can be done. Just know you will be whipped for while you are doing it.

  4. by   PennyLane
    Hi Krissy,

    First of all welcome to the boards! This site is a great resource.

    I'm starting a BSN program this fall, I'm also on my own (I own a house, I'm singe but have a roommate), and I intend on living mostly off student loans while in school. However, one very prominent school here that I'm looking into (it costs $40,000 for a 13-month accelerated program) suggests that students can work, but no more than 8 hours a week.

    If you're thinking of working, you may want to look into scholarship programs at local hospitals. One hosp. here will give you $5,000 for every year you agree to work there after you graduate, and you have to work 2 weekends/month while you're in school. And it's a good hospital in the suburbs.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Angella Walker
    Hun, you can do it. I work full time, am taking full time classes and the mom of 5 (3 biological) and a wife. You have to be able to budget your time and use time to its fullest extent. It certainly can be done but you have to be dilligent. I am lucky in the fact that my dh stays home with the kids so we don't have the child care costs. When my clinicals start in the fall, I will be switching to a 3rd shift position. I guess I have just mastered how not to get "stressed" out by things. I do the best that I can and I am very careful not to neglect my family. There are days that I am run down and deserve to take a break. Never feel guilty about that.

    I've been a mom for 9 years now. I guess I am used to not getting much sleep
  6. by   researchrabbit
    I worked full time through nursing school (plus my two kids) and no one else to it CAN be done!

    Budget your time. Organize your life. Work flexible hours when you can. Study groups can be helpful.

    You are a good student now so you obviously know how to study; expect your grades to drop a little (I got Bs instead of As).
    If you tend to have high anxiety over your grades, this might be difficult.
  7. by   RNonsense
    Hello Krissy and welcome! I had to work as well and it can be done with just a little organization. I worked alot of weekends and evenings after school, about 20hrs a week, and still pulled decent grades. It's amazing what one can do when one HAS to!
  8. by   SeptSue
    You can do it.! I worked part-time evenings during my nursing education and usually got As, a couple of Bs. I think that your ability to organize your time, develop effective study skills, set priorities, and maintain a motivated/positive approach will get you through quite well. Your genuine interest in what you do will help you through. Best of luck.