place to buy white pants?

  1. So I (male) have to buy a white pant or two for clinical. Any good store I should look at? I don't like to buy online because I can't see what it looks like or if it will really fit me.

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  3. by   KellNY
    Not to go against your preference, BUT, I've found that tryong on a few styles/sizes/brands, and seeing what you like, then buying online is the best method. This way you know what you like, and you can get it for a much cheaper price.

    By doing this you'll know that you're a size M in Landau, size L in Dickies and a medium long in Angelica Brand. You'll also know to avoid the drawstring Cherokees because they pinch at the waist. Now, I'm making all that up, but you see what I mean. You can spend a good 30min in a store trying on all the scrubs you like, then about 30 min on ebay or to order.

    For example: I recently bought a set of NWT Dickies (pants and top) on ebay for about $15 including S&H. I would have paid more if I had went to a uniform store. I've saved probably about $100-$150 by doing this over the past few years.

    If you're not into the bargain hunting, then Life Uniforms is a decent chain if you have any near you. Ask your fellow students-they may have a few local mom and pop type places they like.
  4. by   crb613
    Wal Mart....$12.97 here.
  5. by   morte
    if you have a uniform store that caters to food service, they would carry a selection of whlite pants, more aimed at the male consumer......