Pinning is postponed

  1. We had our final yesterday in cardiac nursing after which I learned I failed the course by one point. I was to be pinned next Wednesday, talk about frustrating!! I already had a job lined up. It wasn't like I didn't make an effort in this course, I never studied so much in my life. The highest mark on the final was a 77 and these were dean's list students. So I got into my car and swore and punched the seats a couple of times and got it off my chest, went home and called my future employer a while later to break the news. She is such a doll, she was so understanding. She said it happens and I will pass it when I repeat it in September. Anyway, the reason I was bummed out the most was not because I wasn't graduating, but because I really want to start working at the hospital and not wait until November when the 7 week cardiac course ends. So my employer has now offered me to work as an LPN on the same floor, same shift that I wanted, which I have graciously accepted. It will be great experience and I can keep my toe in the water until I pass cardiac. I really am okay with this, just wanted to share with you guys.
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    I'm so sorry! How incredibly frustrating. I'm glad your employer-to-be is okay with it and offered you something in the meantime.
  4. by   TopCat1234
    but it's all working out in the end. you have a great employer who is being *awesome* in accommodating you.

    so you get to dance too!

  5. by   barbiedee
    I think you handled that a lot better than I would have. I think I would have been in tears for days, and forget about punching the seat a few times....I would have broken every dish in the cupboard! I think its even worse when you know you've done your absolute best. Obviously your employer can see all the wonderful qualities you have, and doesn't want to lose you in ANY capacity! Good luck next time 'round...hopefully we'll be hearing how much you love your new job!
  6. by   purplemania
    you are handling a difficult situation very well. I know you will be a good nurse.