physiology class is a nightmare!

  1. I just wanted to let you all know that I have been around occasionaly, but my physiology class is so hard. I have been spending most of my time just studying. There hasn't been one single person in my class get even one A this whole semester so far. I still have hope that I may get one on our last test. Anyways, I hope you are all surviving ok and have a happy Thanksgiving.
    The good news is that my intermediate algebra class is so easy. I have the highest grade in the class with 99.75% and I don't even have to study more than just doing the assigned homework.
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  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    Your almost through! Hang in there. Physiology is a tough course. Keep plugging along and it'll be over.

  4. by   MelH
    You are almost there! Don't sweat it-if you don't get the A you want. At least you will pass and go on to bigger and better things!! Keep your head up!
  5. by   kats
    Thanks. That's what I keep telling myself too. It's just harder right now because I have a sinus infection and tonsilitis. I do know that I am learning lots though and that is more important than getting the perfect grade. When I am a nurse, the people I work for and my patients will want to know that I know the information. I don't think they will be asking what grades I got. I just want a high enough grade to get into nursing school and I already have that. I would have to really do awful on the remaining tests to not have a good enough grade.
  6. by   lunakat
    I feel for you! I am in Physiology this semester too. The sad part is that I'm fairly sure that I will get an A in the class. Why is this bad you ask? I am being taught by an NP, who gives us all the test questions before the tests and lets us bring in a cheat sheet. This is an accelerated class so we are cramming the whole semester into 9 weeks. So I will come out of this class knowing practically nothing. The grade will be good but how important is the knowledge? I hope I will make it. If you're having trouble get the anatomy and physiology for dummies. It breaks it down real nice and is sometimes easier for me to grasp. Good Luck, just remember that the semester is almost over!
  7. by   nursing 101
    I'm in Physiology right now and you said it, It's hard!
    I'm supposed to be studying for it right now because I have a test on Tuesday! It will be my last one too! I'm so happy in all I'll have a B grade in this class, Lord knows how much time I dedicated to this class alone. The other day, we had people literally crying in our class, they will have to take it over next semester. On top of that with the same teacher. I'm just glad I'm out of it.
    Question? Does anybody have to write essays on the subject at hand during test? That's the part I hated the most and counted for 15% of your test grade. Plus we had to write a paper at the end of the semester which counted for 10% of your total grade. Even the lab is hard at my school! Anyway I can't wait for this semester tp be over to get away from Physio... But the sad part is as nursing students we have two more semesters of Patho-Physio... (I'm screaming here)!
  8. by   2banurse
    I won't have A&P until next semester, but this semester I've taken a human body class (a major reason I decided to push to get into nursing school). The instructor is pretty good and enthusiastic (which is IMPORTANT!). I've signed up for his A&P class and I really can't wait to start. I'd definitely advise any students have not yet taken A&P to talk with other students about the instructors if they can. It's helped steer me in whom I sign up for.

  9. by   sjoe
    Buy a copy of "The Physiology Coloring Book" and complete it.

    If going for an A is difficult, then go for a C. That's all you need--why make a bigger challenge out of it?