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  1. Hello all!! I am starting pharm in about 3 weeks. I have already started to read my assignments(we got our syllabus already), but I wanted to see if there are any tips for me on how to remember all this.. any tips would help!!
    Thanks y'all
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  3. by   Josh L.Ac.
    My class was accelerated since my program is accelerated (which hindered my study-work), but if you have a more typical pace to the class, I would highly recommend learning the actual mechanisms of the drug classes. I use a dry-marker board to diagram it all out which helps me learn how the drugs actually work. Once you understand the mechanisms of a specific drug class, then everything else falls into place.

    Some of my classmates memorized indications without learning the actual mechanisms and still got As, but that doesn't work very well for me.

    Also, I made my own pharm cards in powerpoint which helped.
  4. by   BVFD 333
    Learn the prototype of each drug! The others are often very simular, is not that bad:spin:
  5. by   StarglitterRN
    Hey Josh,
    How did you make flash cards using powerpoint? That's something I think would help me as well.
  6. by   amybethf
    Our pharmacology class lecture was done on powerpoint and he then handed copies out. A poster noted to learn the mechanisms of the drugs which is a good idea but my class didn't get that in-depth. You should definitely learn generic and trade names and memorizing drugs of the same class usually have the same ending, which makes things easier. Carefully read over the learning objectives in the syllabus so u have a good idea of what is expected. There is alot of info to know but my class wasn't that hard. My teacher gave EC and that helped.
  7. by   Josh L.Ac.
    Quote from starglitter
    Hey Josh,
    How did you make flash cards using powerpoint? That's something I think would help me as well.
    I created a front and back template, the did six front and six back slides, alternating the order of the back cards. Then I set the printer settings to 6 slides per page, printed the front, flipped it over, then printed the back. Then I cut them out with sissors.

    It might sound complicated but you'll figure it out quick.

    For example:

    slides 1-6 are fronts
    slides 7-12 are the backs

    when printed on both sides, they pair up like:

  8. by   StarglitterRN
    Oh, I thought you made actual flash cards for use in powerpoint, where you can have multiple slides that you can click on to see front and back. Do you know how to do that as well?
    Thanks for the advice on how to print them out. I learned something new!
  9. by   jenniferclare
    hey, I know this is an old thread, but in case someone is browsing this and looking for new tips and advice, you can also visit to make flippable notecards that you can view on your computer (or you can view both sides at the same time if you are in learning mode and not read to test yourself), and there are apps to view those notecards on your phone or ipad or itouch, whatever.
  10. by   ImThatGuy
    Focus on learning drug classes and MOAs. Once you get that down the interactions, adverse affects, etc should all fall into place. There'll be some variation, but it's not bad.

    I liked pharm. One of my fav classes.