Peds Clinicals

  1. So I have been sick the last 2 weeks. Really, 2 weeks straight! I started off with a virus that gave me a sore throat (not just a sore throat--I thought i was swallowing razor blades!!), then it proceeded into a cold, and now, the flu. Did anyone else get sick during their Peds clinicals or am I just weird?
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  3. by   fleur-de-lis
    Yep, I got sick after the first one and it took almost 2 weeks before I started feeling human again. I had that same razor blade sore throat, and I still wake up with a funny voice and slightly sore throat in the morning, but at least it fades quickly. Gotta love those kids and their germs!
  4. by   Faeriewand
    Yup I sure did! Got sick right after the first day! The teacher told us you're going to get sick! and I was thinking 'no I'm not.. hehe but sure enough right after the first day was feeling very sick all over. Was that way for a solid week and missed a day in clinical that I now have to make up.
  5. by   rnsrgr8t
    Pediatrics is notorious for getting staff sick. When I was first out of nursing school I worked in Oncology so I did not have a lot of exposure to normal pediatric viruses (anyone who had them were kept off the floor). When I started working in a pediatrician's practice, the first two winters I was sick as a dog. I got the flu, pneumonia, every viral sore throat that went around etc. Now that I have a good immunnity to everything, I rarely ever get sick anymore. If you choose to stay in peds, you will eventually build up an immunity and not get sick as often. Our grown up bodies are just not used to being inundated with all of the cold/flu/GI viruses that kids often get.