Peds and Ob/gyn

  1. I finally managed to pass Med-Surg, now I am on my way to Peds and ob-gyn. For any of those who have taken Peds and Ob/Gyn, do any of yall have any advice on either/both of those subjects. Is it just as hard as med-surg or what? Any study tips? Thanks!
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  3. by   maire
    No advice, just a comment - I thought Peds and OB were easier than Med-Surg. For me at least they were more enjoyable.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    congratulations on passing med/surg!
  5. by   Carolanne
    Yes, congrats on med-surg, it's a big hurdle! Peds and OBGYN are a different nursing experience for obvious reasons, mostly very enjoyable and exciting. May I suggest the TLC channel which regularly shows the OBGYN shows and actual labors and deliveries. I particularly benefited from watching what the nurse's roll is and following it throughout the patient's birthing course.
  6. by   purplemania
    I thought they were easier at the time, but now realize I had actually begun to morph into a nurse, so things started to come together. Fluids is the biggie in peds. They get overloaded fast. Electrolytes is another biggie. They change fast. You need to know the difference between macules, papules, petechiae and pustules. Some indicate serious diseases. As for OB, they use different drugs there, like Pitocin and Magnesium. Learn about those. And learn the stages of labor. You can do it!
  7. by   gina1982
    Thanks everyone!