Pediatric Clinical

  1. I'll be starting my pediatric clinical rotation in just a few days. What has the experience been like for all of you? What should I expect for this clinical?

    This is the rotation I am looking forward to the most because I enjoy working with kids, but I don't want my high expectations to lead to disappointment.
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  3. by   rebecca41
    Hi. I was hesitant about doing the peds clinical: I like kids but am not head over heels about them the way some of my classmates are. Also I was nervous about seeing very sick children. I thought I might find that too emotionally difficult.I just finished the rotation about 3 weeks ago and can say it was one of the best and most emotionally rewarding clinicals I've done so far. The kids amazed me with their attitudes and optimism. My CI was really great and that played a big part in the experience, but overall I have a whole different take on peds now. I'd even consider doing it for my senior semester preceptorship but it's the hottest ticket in town so I'll focus on other areas I'm interested in. Bottom line if you were already looking forward to it there a goodness chance you'll love it. Best of luck!
  4. by   FineAgain
    I have to tell you, I was NOT looking forward to my Peds clinical this past semester. I could not have been more wrong. It is just like med surg only with kids. You have such a variety that it is clinically interesting, and I found that I really enjoyed working with the kids. We had post surgical patients, cancer, neutropenic, and some really interesting congenital defects that require long term or repeated hospitalizations. I agree with cwalton41, I would do my partnership there. It is a hot ticket, but I'm going to apply anyway. I hope you enjoy your Peds rotation as much as I did -- good luck!
  5. by   sandyfeet
    Expect to use specialized communication:
    "I'm going to give your arm a hug!" (take blood pressure)
    "Do you want the injection in your right arm or left arm?" (giving a choice/control instead of saying 'can I give you a shot?')
    "Did you poop today?" (What's a bowel movement?)

    Expect to play with the younger kids to establish rapport, and expect the teenagers to want the utmost in privacy.

    Expect to communicate frequently with parents, often more than with the patient. Expect to see all styles of parenting.

    Expect more resilience from patients than you would expect for their condition.

    Expect to have FUN! I loved, loved, loved my Peds rotation. I was looking forward to it because I love kids too, and my enthusiasm definitely helped me in clinicals. If anything, the students that didn't get into the "kid stuff" were the ones that didn't enjoy the rotation. But while they were complaining, I was sitting on the floor playing Toy Story Bingo and getting psychosocial information at the same time! It was a great experience, and I regret that my preceptorship hospital doesn't have a Peds unit because I would definitely be on it!
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I had a great time in peds. Expect to play but also expect to know your stuff. It was not a bad rotation at all. I highly recommend the Harriette lane handbook for medications.
  7. by   abiklags
    i did my ob-peds rotation last semester and i have to say, the peds half was my fave rotation to date! i love kids, always have. worked with kids of lots of ages from 5-teen's through out HS. the floor i was on was not critical at all. lots of AP, PN, RSV, cellulitis, asthma exacerbation, you get the type. the rn's and dr's were awesome and answered all my q's (there were lots lol). b4 we even got to the floor we had classes on med admin, normal g&d, communication w/ kids and parents etc. the CLS on the floor also helped us w/ dif stuff; she gave us handouts of dif phrases that an adult would understand but would confuse a child, so that helped. w/ meds, we had to check safe doses, safe rate, we had to calculate IV maintenance for e/ pt. we used the teddy bear book for IV meds and harriet lane for PO's (both were usually in the med room unless the doc took the lane book). the one down side was the CI. she had a peds CI for so long, that she talked to us adult students like we were 5. seriously. in my book she sounded condescending, and always looked down on us. even so, i totally want to work in peds. there is nothing more rewarding than working w/ a pt over 2 days and watching them improve in leaps and bounds.

    good luck!
  8. by   Chlometov
    Thank you to all of you for the encouraging words!!! We had orientation last week so my first official day will be this week and I'm definitely looking forward to starting!