1. I'm just wondering how many people have/use PDAs.....I'm interested in buying one and just need some feedback on what brand/model you have and the programs that you use. Most of the girls I go to school with have Sony Clie or Palms. Thanks:kiss
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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    I have a Handspring Treo. I love it, it's my brain. It's also very expensive, but it's got a phone integrated with the PDA. Kewl.

    There are lots of threads on this subject, if you type in PDA on a search you'll find them! I did that to find good programs for mine.
  4. by   Angelica
    I have a Dell Axim. It cost me $299 (before a $50 rebate). A cheaper model sells for $199. I love it! I've got Davis drug guide, RN labs and Mobilearn Spanish for nurses on it. I have a lot of spanish-only pts so I really like the spanish program. If I'm not sure how to pronounce a phrase, I just click on it and the PDA says it out loud (in a native voice, no less).
  5. by   ava'smomRN
    I have a sony clie .it is very cool and also useful, the price is kinda hefty at $300 plus a warranty, but with all the features and the many uses it is well worth the cost
  6. by   kats
    Angelica, as I live in central CA, that spanish program would really come in handy. Where did you get it?
    Thanks, Kimberly
  7. by   howie122832
    Friends gave me one when I finished LPN.... it's a palm and I love it... they ( my friends also loaded some stuff in it for me like Palm-a-sutra!) and ePocrates, but thats not as interesting!!! LOL
  8. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for all of your replies
  9. by   Gromit
    My phone is a Kyocera smartphone. It is run by a Palm pilot, and I'd be totally lost without it. I use it for school as well as work. Keep my schedule on it, etc.

    When in my hospital, I turn the phone part off. The palm is where I keep the Davis' Drug Guide for Nurses, and Epocrates (a free program that keeps track of drugs, like a low-end version of Davis' drug guide, but it has the advantage of being continually updated (which loads the updates to the palm everytime you sync to the desktop).

    Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses appears to contain all the text info that the book itself has. Looking up the drugs is a breeze, and it beats carrying my book around (and risking it walking off). Before giving drugs, we have to tell our preceptor or the nurse we are shadowing, about the drug, precautions if any, and possible reactions (most likely). This format makes looking 'em up a breeze.
    I also have just acquired an RN Careplan program. I looks a little dated, but does seem to collect and collate all the needed info. Looking forward to giving it a whirl
    My palmpilot is like a companion. I don't leave home without it!
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  10. by   Angelica
  11. by   EmeraldNYL
    I have an HP Jornada with 32 mb memory.... the programs that I have for it are Lippincott procedures Manual, Davis Drug Guide, Stedman's encyclopedia, RNLabs, and RNDiseases.
  12. by   SueBDoo
    I have a palm, I have a PDR card which is handy for clinicals. The spanish card sounds great, and it speaks too? Maybe when I go to work full time I will be able to afford to upgrade a bit.
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