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  1. I am thinking of getting a PDA and was wondering if any of you have any suggestions.

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  3. by   KaylaRN2005
    I have the Sony Clie SJ33.. I LOVE IT! I also got a 128 mb memory stick..for all the extra applications HTH!
  4. by   Ortho_RN
    I have a Handspring Visor Edge... I have no complaints with it....
  5. by   nurse_gigolo69
    i got a m105 and totally love it, one guy in my class has one and when one of us miss notes we just face them together and beam it (download it) no wires no plugs, its awesome!
  6. by   det01

    Do any of you know good sites where you can get the freeware or the PDA for nursing stuff - drug info, dosage, pathology, ect?
  7. by   dreamon
    To det01.... you can try the crnasomeday.com website, in the links section. I believe there might be some stuff to help you.

    And by the way, whoever created that site, much love to you....that was one of my first nursing website I came across when I decided to become a nurse!

    I was also recommended the SJ33 sony clie...I love it, tried it out at the Best Buy store.

    But I wanted the more expensive Sony-due to my conspicuous consumption habit/recent PDA fetish, I had to have the latestone which costs about $600, but I definetly recommend the SJ33 also.
  8. by   EMTPTORN
    I have the Handspring Treo 90. I got it specifically for price, and that it had a keyboard. Three months ago i bought it online with a three yr warranty shipping and all for <200 USD. Then i spent 50 bucks on a 128 MG expansion card. I have more money rolled into programs than the cost of the PDA. I heard bad things about this model. There was an initial DEFECT in manufacturing when this model was first released, but the company fixed it and the ones you can buy today do not have that defect. This model is discontinued as handspring is going to communicator type PDA's but you can still purchase them new online from many retailers.
    The only other PDA i found with a keyboard that was PALM based was over 500 USD.

    One other thing you need to figure is what type of OS you want. Your choices are either Windows based or Palm based. I chose PALM and have no regrets, but have used the windows OS at work and it is OK, too.

    The one negative thing i will say of mine is i was very gun ho to buy a carrying case for it to protect my investment. Well, i could only find two options and liked neither. So......i decided to carry it in my pocket. It is very small, so this has worked ok. I even dropped it once and it still is 100% functional. It is a very good PDA if you don't want to mess with graffitti, and want a unit that is very small.

  9. by   NurseMobile
    Originally posted by det01

    Do any of you know good sites where you can get the freeware or the PDA for nursing stuff - drug info, dosage, pathology, ect?
    For "The Largest Selection of Nursing PDA Software Online"


    They've got "40+ Freeware Applications"

    IMHO it's the best place to get PDA stuff

  10. by   Marz
    I have a Sony Clie and I absolutely love it!! A great website to get FREE Nursing pda dowloads is http://www.traumamedic.com