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have any of you used or have a palm pilot? I've been told by MANY college students this is an electronic essential when it comes to organization and note taking. Its much lighter and more convenient... Read More

  1. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Wow... I've been trying to decide if a Palm would be bennificial.. And, what do you know... A whole discussion on the Palm. Right here at AND, software web address too. You guys are fantastic!!!
  2. by   dstudent
    A great device I take it?
  3. by   Dublin37
    What in the heck does "bump" mean? I guess I am just sooooooooo out of it. Heather
  4. by   cl71282
    I have a Handspring Visor, and love it. I know it's not as advanced as many other models (my mom has a Compaq something that's in color and does everything but the laundry), but it is still so useful for me.
    Because I don't have a keyboard, I don't use it in my lecture classes as my sole means of taking notes. I just can't write as fast on it as I can with a pencil/pen and paper. I usually just use it in the beginning of lecture to jot down new due dates and other important information the prof. gives out. I also have my schedule in it, and have all tests, exams, presentation, and project dates in it. It helps me to manage my time much better.
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    Bump is when you "Bump" the topic back to the top of the page because you feel it is useful to others or want it to be read.....I forget that others don't have hubbys who use all this computer lingo,lol