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Hello, where I'm at school they charge us $100 for a missed clinical day you can only miss three clinicals each semester or you fail and $50 for a missed learning lab. Do your schools do this or is... Read More

  1. by   fab4fan
    What a racket!!!

    We were allowed to miss one clinical day per trimester without having to make it up...this was really a Godsend at times.

    I had one rotation that I absolutely hated, and it felt sooooooo good to call off for my last day of that clinical, and know that there was not one blessed thing my instructor could do about it.

    That was 18 years ago, and thinking about it still makes me smile.
  2. by   vashka25
    Yup, we have to pay up here too......
    Their logic being that yes you did pay for it initially, but you missed it when it was taught, so now you have to pay for that teachers time out of your own pocket to reteach what she has already taught...
    Hmmmm.... being a poor student, I've never been one to miss lab or clinical...(and lose out on my green jellybean money? I think not)

    ~live the life you love.....and love the life you live~
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    Completely ridiculous!

    At my nursing school, you could miss three clinical days per semester. Nearly every semester, I missed the maximum. My second med-surg, I hit the limit the second to last day of clinicals. My teacher made me write a paper to make it up. I couldn't figure out why, but I was afraid she'd fail me, so I did it. It turns out, when I went to my ICU rotation, the preceptor accidentally marked me absent for one of the days (someone was absent, she just marked the wrong name). My instructor thought I was OVER the limit and didn't want to have to fail me, so she had me write the paper instead. But it was a misunderstanding and caused me to have to write a 10 page paper the week before finals (taking me away from valuable study time). I still blame the B I made that semester on that damn paper.

    If for some reason an instructor had to miss a clinical day, we had the "alternate clinical assignment" (the paper I had to write). This assignment was supposed to be long enough to take up an entire clinical day, but in truth, it took much longer. We did not have to make up missed clinicals in the hospital (not sure why, maybe we had extra hours built in or something).
  4. by   vashka25
    Up here when it comes to clinical....if you miss more than two days per rotation...YOU FAIL that rotation...(each rotation is 7 weeks)...because they don't feel they can adequately assess you if you miss clinicals......BUT what the real kicker is that during the three years of the program you cannot miss more than 10 cumulative clinical days without having to do an extra entire rotation to make up for the time, as you are required to put in a minimum mandatory amount of hours.....I think 1600 hours by end of thrid year before you begin your preceptorship which is another 650 hours !!!!
  5. by   rnmomtobe2010
    What is unique about being charged for missed clinicals or labs? I have never heard of this one. But I have heard of being dismissed from the program for missing too many days.
  6. by   mixyRN
    We are able to miss 2 clinical days per semester but there are no fees or make-ups. Miss more than 2 you fail out period!
    I think this policy is fair and allows for some flexibility.
  7. by   Logos
    I go to a community college and we are allowed to miss one clinical day and it must be made up at the end of the semester- hospital, instructor and time is the college's choice and there is an $80 fee. If you do not make up your missed clinical you fail.

    Your dad dies and you already missed one clinical for being sick- you fail.

    They told us this at orientation and said many students have failed due to illness and personal emergency's-there are no exceptions you must be there for all clinical hours.

    If you are ill or in an auto accident you need a Dr.'s excuse to return to clinical- if the Dr. will not release you- you fail- and you do not get your money back for the semester.
  8. by   sarahb9177
    Oh wow! Like it's been said, every school is different and I'm sure that's true, but you having to pay for missed classes? Isn't tuition expensive enough?? My schools policy - you have to be there 80% of the term...or something VERY close to that ()...any less - you're dropped.
  9. by   oldladychris
    I have never heard of that. We are allowed to miss one clinical day, or one lab day per 8 weeks. If we miss more than one, we can make it up at the end, which they set a day just for that, or they give us paperwork to do out of the Strategies book. Aren't we poor enough with the tuition?
  10. by   star77
    That's ridiculous. It's so dependent upon where one is training- for instance, I'm on a floor where the patients are so immunosupressed that if I came in with a runny nose or a cough (not allergy related), I could actually kill them.

    We've been told to not miss clinicals, but also to protect the patients and ourselves first.

    I'd question the practice of owing money. That seems shady to me.
  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Oh, I hear we will owe money for missed tutoring sessions.
  12. by   Chantilly
    I also think it is crazy to have to pay for missed clinical time. At my school we are only allowed to miss 6 hours per semester, anything beyond this has to be made up. But you just schedule it will another instuctor and attend another clincal with a different group for your make-up.

    Another thing that has been brought up in this thread that blew my mind is missing clinical just because you can!!! What is that about? The only thing you are doing is cheating yourself out of valuable learning time. We aren't in the hospital that many hours to begin with, and to miss clinical not because you are sick or have an emergency but because you don't like the rotation or you just don't feel like going is really crazy. What does this say about your work ethic, are you going to call out from work because you don't like who you are working with that day? I can't fathom doing that, yeah I have had crappy rotations, hated the hospital I was at, and wasn't all that fond of people in my clinical group but I went everyday. I graduate in December and I have not missed a clinical or a lab and I have only missed one lecture but I was as sick as a dog. I figure dealing with situations in clinical that are less than my ideal is good experience in what I will most likely deal with once I begin working, it gives me a chance to learn how to play nice when I don't really want to and how to deal with difficult people in the hospital setting. So those of you that miss clinical just because you can, you should rethink what you are doing to yourself. At my school all of the instructors have a weekly pow-wow and talk about the students, so you bet your sweet a$$ that they already know about you before you even start a clinical rotation with you. That may be something you want to think about before you miss clinical for no good reason, you wouldn't want to shoot yourself in the foot would you? Just my 2 cents I am sure some people will "love" what I have to say, but I thought I would put a different perspective out there.
  13. by   chevyv
    What happens if you don't pay? I wouldn't be paying for anything if I already paid my tuition! I have never missed a clinical day or lecture either, but I do understand that people get sick and loved ones pass. I am an older adult and act accordingly. If I had something come up (sick or ?), I understand that missing only hinders my learning. For a school to feel like they have to put fines in place is ridiculous.