Overslept for first clinical day of the semester!

  1. It was my worst nightmare come true. My alarm didn't go off, and when I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it read 7:00am. I was supposed to be at clinical, our first of the summer semester, by 6:45. My first thought was this can't be real! One of my biggest fears has been that I would oversleep and miss a clinical day.

    Anyway, I jumped out of bed, and out of habit raced to the bathroom to pee. As I sat on the commode, I realized I was so tense, I couldn't pee! At the same time, the thought crossed my mind that I should be calling the hospital to let my instructor (who I hadn't met before today) know that I was late, but on my way. So I raced out, made the call, and left a message with a nurse who answered, and who sounded very sympathetic to my plight. I got dressed in record time, (must have been the adrenaline rush!), was finally able to pee, and rushed on over to the hospital.

    Thankfully I live close by, and when I got there the group was still getting oriented to the unit. I must have had the most frantic look on my face, and I was sure that everyone else could see my heart beating wildly outside my chest. But my instructor was so nice, and said "It's ok, it happens to everyone at some time or other." WOW! I still felt terrible, especially because I felt I had made such a bad first impression, but I was relieved at the same time! I know if I had the same instructor from last semester, she would not have been so laid back about it.

    Anyway, I went on to have a pretty good day. My pts IV infiltrated and I caught it before she became swollen. I got to try to start an IV for the first time, found out I really suck at it, but got a lot of encouragement from the other nurses. They said that the pt was a very hard stick, and being a student, I did a good job trying. Ended up getting the IV fluid order dc'd for that pt since she is going home tomorrow, and no one else could start the IV either.

    Boy, it sure feels good to vent and let all that out! Now I'm off to buy a new alarm clock, or better yet, two of them!
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  3. by   Mary Dover
    Glad everything turned out OK for you. I had a similar anxiety provoking plight this morning, when I got into my car ( to leave a few minutes early in fact ) and the DARN thing wouldn't crank. And mind you, this was the first day of only my second week at my new job (WHICH I LOVE). It took me an hour to locate someone to come help, a sweet neighbor kid with a set of jumper cables. Then I had an hour to drive to work. I left messages at the new job, and thankfully everything turned out ok for me as well. But don't ya just hate when this stuff happens?
  4. by   CountrifiedRN
    Originally posted by Mary Dover :
    "But don't ya just hate when this stuff happens?"

    Yes, I do! It makes you feel "off" for the rest of the day. And no matter what anyone says, you still wonder what they're thinking!

    I'm glad things turned out ok for you too!
  5. by   GPatty
    Glad you made it!
    By the way~ make sure you have an electric alarm and a battery powered one....just in case!
  6. by   NurseDixie
    I have an electric alarm clock and an old wind-up kind. But it seems like if I know I have to get up early, I wake up at least every hour, looking at the clock, afraid I'm going to be late.LOL
  7. by   NurseAngie
    Y'all seem to have MY luck!
  8. by   pkmom
    Thanks for sharing! I guess I'll buy another alarm clock before next semester.
  9. by   peaceful2100
    Yes, 2 alarm clocks are good. I have 2 in my room and I am so glad I did because one day one of them did not go off but the other did. Isn't weird how those things happen on the days it matters most but on days where it really does not matter what time you get up because you really don't have nothing to do or planned then it is not a big deal.

    I am so glad to hear that everything worked out for you with the instructor.

    As far as the IV. Don't sweat it. Eventually you will start one. I have not start one yet. I have only had 2 chances. The first time it was a hard stick and the second time the doctor came in and was really rude and wanted me to stop and I was in the process of putting it in. He said finish it later. I am determined though to get an IV in before I graduate next year. I think next semester will be my chance. We do Med-surg/ICU and from what I have heard from my classmates who have already had the rotation they said there will be PLENTY of opportunity to start one. You tried your best and that is what matters most. As far as the IV infiltrating, that was good that you caught it before it got swollen.
  10. by   meownsmile
    I was so wound up about oversleeping that i didnt sleep well at all on nights when i had clinicals. Would wake up 2 and 3 times a night and end up being out of bed before the alarm went off because i was afraid i would turn it off and go back to sleep. LOL
    Rest assured you arent the first nor the last student who will oversleep on their first clinical day. I'm sure all the instructor did was make sure she docked it against your clinical time. If you are only allowed so much time to miss class/clinicals just dont forget to include the first day in your timekeeping. We could only miss 29 hours total(class and/or clinical hours) for the semester before we got the boot. Good luck with the alarm clocks.
  11. by   MPHkatie
    Oh what a miserable day for you!!! I still get wierd about being on time for work....and clinicals, well a whole different story, since I lived in Raleigh (since you're from NC) and had Clinical in Greensboro....
    Just be on time and enjoy it all. The IV's become no-brainers, so don't worry, develop assessment skills, the IV's are just skills. Best Wishes, and enjoy clinical.