Orientation today

  1. I love school already, and all I've had is ORIENTATION for crying out loud. 4 hours long, we got to meet each other and the instructors, have a tour, learn about NSNA, the uniforms, our schedule, policies, etc.

    We have 19 students: 11 female, 8 male. Ages range from early 20's to pushing 60.

    I know there were more of you having orientation today, or just recently had it. What happened at yours? Did you like it? Are you excited now? Was it boring? Tell us all about it! Did I leave out anything you want to know? Just ask!
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  3. by   cakarol
    I'm happy you had such a good time and are so excited...it *IS* an exciting time....I'll tell you what I was told when I first posted about beginning school and have passed onto others as I've found it to be true....

    "you're in for a wild ride!!!!!"

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   essarge
    Buckle your seatbelt, and hang on!!

    My first year was exciting and not that difficult but it has gotten a lot more intense since then. Sometimes I think I want to go back to bartending!! LOL!!

    Best of luck to you and have fun....never forget that!! Always make time for yourself to have some fun (especially during the high stress times!!)
  5. by   TeresaRN2b
    Congratulations! I am so jealous! I can't wait till I start! Even going to orientation would give me a thrill right now (as it has you). How exciting for you! Good luck!

  6. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I have orientation Jan. 9, and start my first semester in the program Jan. 13. Scared to death, but SO EXCITED at the same time!

    Everybody pray for me and all the other first semester lunatics.

    I don't know what I'm getting myself into.

  7. by   Jennerizer
    My orientation got me excited too. There is already that bond between the fellow nursing students. Some seem very competitive though.....not sure if that will help us to do better or create hostility. They told us to get our books early & get a jump start so we don't fall behind during the semester....especially the maths for meds.

    What kind of schedule do you have? We have class on Mondays from 8 am to 1 pm. On Tuesdays & Wednesdays we start out in lab from 8 am to 4 pm for the first nine weeks. After that we have clinicals from 7 am to 3 pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.

  8. by   NurseWeasel
    Yeesh, our schedule is horrible this semester. I have an hour commute each way and I'm taking 16 credits this semester.

    Thanks for being excited with me, everyone!!! =)
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  9. by   Jennerizer
    Wow.....5 days a week & all those odd hours. You are making me thankful for my schedule...lol. That's the way our first semester is........second semester turns into 4 days a week. My nursing class is 10 credit hours & we have 2 days a week in clinicals. You're taking a separate pharmacology class? Are you going for a BSN or ADN? That might be the difference. Mine is for an ADN.

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  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    you could get your studying done with the long wait and go to bed when you return home.

    all the best to you in school and i pray your commute is uneventful.
  11. by   NurseWeasel
    I'm in a BSN program where you have to already have a Bachelors degree in something else (besides nursing) to get in.

    I'm committed to this class and I'm going to give it my 300%. I put this off for the last 18 years while my kids have been growing up, and now it's my turn to go for what I want. Nothing could keep me from it at this point. What's a little inconvenience in the schedule or commute when it means I get to be an RN in Dec 2004!

    Thanks for all your good wishes and prayers. I drive a "big rig" which is hell on gas mileage but makes me feel safer than those little tin cans, lol. I'm also a great driver. Now if I can just avoid all those OTHER people who aren't so great!
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  12. by   MidwifeWannaB
    I empathize with those of you who have a commute. I live 45 minutes from my school and here's my schedule:

    Monday--8 am to 1 pm

    Tues--8 am to 1 pm; 5 to 6:50

    Wed--8 am to 1 pm

    Thurs--8 pm to 1 pm; 5 to 6:50

    Fri--clinicals, most likely from 6:15 to 4

    I also have my Health Assessment lab, but it's TBA right now. I'll probably find out when it is on orientation.

    I have the same problem some of yall have: I have 4 hours between my Tues. and Thurs. classes, but my boyfriend lives in the town where my school is, so I'm in luck. Only problem is that he's thinking of moving to the town 15 minutes from there cuz that's where HE'S gonna be going to school next semester. If he does that I don't know what I'm gonna do, but oh well.

    Oh, also...he works with a girl who just finished her first semester at the school I'll be going to and she said it wasn't that difficult. That made me feel much better.

    I hope all the rest of you future-first semester students are as excited as I am. Good luck and God bless!

    Everybody have a merry Christmas!!!