Opinions Please! Long Story

  1. Ok....... 2 weeks ago during my AP Class muscles pratical, a girl in my class asked me for an answer on the written portion of the pratical and I gave her the answer. Whatever.... maybe I shouldn't have done.... hindsight is 20/20 but I did. OK.....Aside from that some other people in the class shared some answers also...... A woman in our class (the A+ Student) who is now my ex study partner took it upon herself to mention something to the professor about the class cheating and made some derrogatory comments about me to someone else in the class "I can't believe so and so would actually help someone cheat" OK.. I am not denying that I did..... because I did give this other student an answer.... and the fact the others in the class were sharing answers does not excuse it!

    BUT for her to mention something to the professor, I felt was out of line....... she needs to mind her business...

    Tonight during our break from lecture.... everyone is commenting on how the professor seems to be very dry with us, he is usally a cut up..... and one of the young ladies said she called him during the thanksgiving break to inquire about the pratical, if she had passed or failed... and he mentioned to her, that her name had come up with regards to dishonesty! So me and my BIG MOUTH... said I know where that came from..... SO & SO said something to the professor!

    Well I just opened a can of worms because now... everybody is giving the my ex study partner....... dirty looks.......

    So now it's the end of the class.. I am putting my coat on and she confronts me and starts shouting.. and i know the professor can hear her... that next time I decide to say something about her i should say it to her face, and that she only told the professor that some people were being dishonest, and that maybe if I hadn't help other student.... I wouldn't be so upset...... So I told her 1st of all it's your word against mine.......... 2nd..... I know you said something with regards to me b/c another student told me and I confronted the other student. and she agreed! and 3rd who are you to play class police and go back to the professor with anything......

    I Dismissed her and walked away.......

    NOW....... we are all walking down the hall and she comments to the other mob of students.... one in particular who she mentioned by name to the professor..... (MIND YOU the professor just told some of the students individually that he was disappointed that some people were dishonest)

    She said to them don't say anything I am right here... WEll here we go..... it' all blows up.... yelling... the students who were not mentioned and the ones that were.... are all upset at her... they say how dare she bring it up at all.... she deny's it..... than she said she only said some people were dishonest..... the mob continues to get unruly and name calling starts.....

    She won't get in the elevator with us....she stays behind..... in the parking lot the one of the students who was mentioned by name said she is going to say something to the professor.....

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHH and I 'm sure my ex study partner probably went to the professor and told him about the mob scene and that I started it......

    GEEZ........ I know I probably should not have said anything..... but I did.

    MY question is #1 do I personally address it with the professor who is a sweet heart and has been really nice and supportive to me....... and helped tremendously.....and he never mentioned anything to me about this whole thing at all tonight

    Just forget it and not even acknowledge the incident

    Of if he asks me about it.... just remain clueless

    Or should I call my ex study partner and try to clear the air.....(her and I might be in the same nursing class in the fall

    Of course I will not get any sleep tonight or for the rest of the week..... because of the S%it!......

    Please guys.... don't crucify me..... just constructive critisism or some advice....

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  3. by   kikibug
    If i were you, i would go to the teacher, and tell him everything that went down. (except that you were the one that started it) I would tell him (about the cheating) that you had alot on your mind that day, and really regreted your actions. (be very humble about that!!) Be sure to suggest that you cleared the air about the situation in class as a group!!

    I know this is manipulative, and dishonest but you have to look out for yourself right now. The nursing field is very competitive, and you want to see to it that you have a good history in all your classes. (that you come out on top) You should be the MOST important person to yourself after all!!! (unless you have kids of course!!--in that case #2!!)

    I know what your going through, and this solution really helped me out. My teacher (after talking to him) totally dropped that situation, and nothing else was ever said. So, i suggest this, but it's totally up to you!!!

    I'm sorry to those who might take offense to my solution, but i'm really not a bad person!!!
  4. by   Rena RN 2003
    you best clear the air between you and the instructor. sounds like any and all relations between you and the ex study partner are null and void at this point.

    and cheating?? it's a no-no and you've realized that.

    was this a group assignment and the answers were shared or was this an individual exam? in class or take home assignment?
  5. by   rstewart
    Since you asked, here is my opinion: You cheated on the exam; the girl who received answers from you cheated on the exam. In addition, apparently there was pervasive cheating on the exam. Instead of feeling shame for cheating, the cheaters became angry when the pervasive cheating was appropriately reported to the instructor.

    I think that the instructor has a duty to investigate the complaints of cheating. If the complaints have merit, they should be handled fairly under the school's written policy, honor code etc. My opinion is that any students found cheating should fail the course at the very least. Indeed, particularly where students are studying for professions such as nursing I can not conceive of any other action as appropriate. On the other hand, in today's world I shall not be surprised to receive comments that I am being judgemental or overly harsh.
  6. by   Mkue

    Don't beat yourself up. I would definately speak to the instructor.

    let us know what happens

  7. by   emily_mom
    PM me if you want to know what I think...too afraid of getting flamed here!

  8. by   nursing 101
    Maybe I'll be classified as a bad person for this one but for Christ sake people giving one answer to one person is not cheating to me. Maybe that person drew a blank on that ONE question and wanted a memory boost! Now getting answers left and right is something else, that just means that the person didn't study. I wil give the answer or somewhat of an answer to a student if that person ask me. I will not give a full exam.
    It also pisses me off when students act like they want to save the world! Geez! Get a life! In my lab anatomy class people cheat left and right, they even get better grades then me. Do you think I care? NO! I'm here to learn and be tested on what I know. I would never give out other students to a prof! Specially if they wouldn't be confronted right then and there...
    Please clear up whatever you have with the Prof and readily admit that you cheated. Please explain that you weren't thinking right and so on. I once got an F for class because certain students didn't know the correct names of the actual student who was cheating. But didn't find out until I got my grade report. It was on a final. I appealed the grade but it took them a long time to change it! Because it was a he said she siad thing. And they had to track down some of the students.
    I never got an apology but the whole incident stung like a bee!
  9. by   Beach_RN
    Thanks to all that have responded......

    Rstewart, I asked for opinions... So I got them......

    YOu are just stating how you feel, so what I feel about your opinion is irrevelant...that's what these boards are for..... for us to speak our mind....... so while I agree with your comment that your posting was overly harsh and judgemental...... IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO FEEL THAT WAY! and I will respect that!

  10. by   Beach_RN
    OK for those of you who said I should speak with the professor at his office like just show up , or should I call him on the phone, or send him an email that I would like to speak with him, regarding an incident in class!

  11. by   BadBird
    I have mixed feelings about your situation, first of all you know that you made a mistake in giving out a answer, ok, now learn from it and forget about it, just don't do it again. Second, your ex study partner sounds like she wants to crawl up the professors azz..... ok, now you know what she is like, stay far away from her, as most of the class should, I think she dug her own ditch to lay down in, no one will trust her or want to study with her because she is now known as the tattle tale. I would discuss the situation with the instructor, let him know all the facts, perhaps have a meeting with all the accused and clear the air. Well, good luck, keep us posted as to the outcome.
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    brenda, personally i would not put myself in a position to be thrown out of class or the institution by giving answers unless it was understood from the beginning the class as a whole could help each other, as i am sure you are aware of this. nor would i ask some one to put their hard work on the line by asking for answers.

    as for what you need to do, let your heart be your guide [as i might do differently from you] and like marie said, don't beat yourself up.

    from this situation, learn, grow, and forgive.
  13. by   nursbee04
    I think you explain to the instructor in person. I also think that your ex study partner needs to stop acting like a fifth grader and causing scenes and "tattling." You know the difference b/t right and wrong and you realized your mistake, and that is the important thing, so don't let this get you down. I would just ignore this person, even if you might have future classes together. She's not someone I would want to deal with in the future. Hope everything turns out ok!!
  14. by   kittyw
    Putting flame suit on....

    According to my schools honor code, if a student sees another student cheating then that student is required to report it or get blamed for cheating too. Quite frankly I think it was your study partners DUTY to go talk to the professor. It probably wouldn't have upset you so much if you WEREN'T involved - if you weren't one of the parties involved in the cheating (even in your minimal capacity). Now think about it ..... sounds like you were becoming a bit self-defensive ... making it HER fault and not YOURS.

    Right now I don't think the professor could do much, since he did not specifically see the cheating (as far as I know). But..... if he did see it then he can give all parties involved a failing grade - so please don't ever do it again. It's not worth it.

    As for the altercation - I wouldn't bring it up with the professor. If he feels that he needs to know, he'll ask you. Also - I'd get my grade back from the test first before considering talking to him about any of this. He probably will just watch the class like a hawk from now on. And you'll get out of the class just fine

    Lastly, you really do owe it to your study partner to tell her you're sorry. She wasn't running off to the professor everytime she thought someone was cheating .... she did it after she saw MULTIPLE cheaters. Plus, if anything, you will be around her in future classes and clearing the air now will be much easier then letting it fester.

    Hopefully you've learned a lesson here ..... keep your answers to yourself when you're testing but share info everywhere else. You're not helping the cheating student .... she's just getting through class and will end up in a terrible situation in nursing classes when she doesn't have an adequate background.

    You'll get through this, just remember that things have changed with the professor. He'll be watching more closely ... so don't do it.

    Ok .... withdrawing the wet noodle.

    Plus ... just think only just a little bit more left till Christmas break.