Online Used Booksellers...who's good, who's not? - page 2

Okay, I am probably going to be purchasing my textbooks online today, and I am wondering who is good and who is not. The sites that seem to have the cheapest books for me are as follows: ... Read More

  1. by   angelac1978
    you can also go to
    I think it is run by Barnes and Noble, the prices are pretty much the same as Amazon and the others. Also, try checking the publisher's website, I did this with my books and didn't have to worry about waiting for my books to be in stock, they had them all and shipped them out with free shipping.

  2. by   manna
    Yeah, I've had financial aid problems here too.
    Not to mention the rant I wrote in my blog about the campus bookstore yesterday.

    I've always ordered textbooks from Amazon and have had no problems yet *knock on wood*. In fact, I just placed an order today - also went ahead and picked up a couple of Echo Heron's books and some others that had been on my wishlist for a while.

    I've also sold my used textbooks thru Amazon (pretty good luck there so far), and (convenient for a quick $ fix, if they'll take the book)
  3. by   angelac1978
    oh and I forgot to add, I got a 10% discount from the publisher so all told, I saved almost $150 by not going to the bookstore.

  4. by   allthingsbright
    the two best i've found:
  5. by   meandragonbrett is the best! I've bought all of my book sfrom there. I can get brand new books for quite a bit less than the used ones in the bookstore. My A&P book was $160 (used) in the bookstore and I got it from half for 70 bucks brand new !! It's great!