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  1. HI,
    Does anyone have advice as to where I can take an online microbiology course this summer that won't break the bank? Preferably in NYS, but open to all suggestions. The only courses I've found so far started several weeks ago.
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  3. by   mzinfinit
    Is this for pre-nursing? Most of the nursing programs I looked at before I went to nursing school required a micro with a lab component, so online courses for micro were not creditable. Just a heads-up. We wouldn't want you to take a class that doesn't transfer! I haven't actually seen any myself, sorry.
  4. by   emmjayy
    Portage Learning offers an online micro course with a lab component for like $760. Check and see if your school will accept those credits though.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Alternative Transfers for Nursing Prelicensure | WGU

    This page has links to several courses. Click on "Nursing Related Sciences" and it will open up with live links.
  6. by   in-cognitus
    I did mine through Trident University International (out of CA). It's not a sit in class (obviously since you asked for NYS). But it does consist of an online lab. Most schools I have looked into accept online labs. It might be a bit more on the expensive side, but they have continuous enrollments fairly often.
  7. by   PartyTheNightAway
    Ocean County College in NJ has an online micro class.

    Science Online - Ocean County College
  8. by   ctdfmags
    I have no suggestions, but to the nay-sayers on online micro courses: my online micro HAS a lab. I ordered the lab kit online and did it at home.
  9. by   Willofthewisp
    I haven't taken Microbiology through Portage yet, but I've taken quite a few with them and it's a good program. I've been about 50/50 in my research so far on schools that will accept online prereqs with a lab. To let you know, though, the transcripts say Geneva College in Pennsylvania.
  10. by   jess.mont
    Cayuga Community College has one that's a four-credit lecture wth lab, but it's a full summer session course, and as you noted, it has already started. Please check with your school whether they will accept this; SUNY schools should. As for any of the other ones, especially Portage, double-check that your school will absolutely accept it; my community college program does not.