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  1. When researching psych hospitals as potential places to work, do I do the same things/ask the same questions that I would at other hospitals to see if it will be a good fit for me, or are there special considerations?
  2. Willofthewisp

    Military spouse and new grad job advice

    Thank you, everyone. This helps.
  3. Willofthewisp

    Military spouse and new grad job advice

    Hi I will graduate this May with an ADN and then have to move to another state, so I will have to take the NCLEX then. I have already been offered a job in the new location, working as an RN in a long-term care/assisted living facility, shifts and pay are what I'm looking for. For any acute care jobs, the hospitals have year-long nurse residencies. We're on military orders, so we'll only be in the area for two years. My question is: if I take the LTC job and maybe start my MSN (I have a Bachelor's already), would I get into an RN residency program at the next location if I decide long-term care isn't for me? I've heard to do whatever I can to get into med-surg or rehab first, and I've heard to just do what I want to do and that experience is experience. With COVID and Winter storms, my cohort has lost a lot of clinical time, so I don't have as great a sense of what kind of nursing I want to do as I normally would. I just know I don't want to get trapped in long-term care my entire career.
  4. Willofthewisp

    Best & quick CNA program for Spring in Seattle

    I haven't started it yet, but I've been accepted into the Fall 2018 CNA program at Shoreline. I'm working on that in coordination with an overseas move, and the communication between myself and the CNA program advisor has been great. She answers emails quickly, gives detailed responses, and has helped make sure I don't miss deadlines. It sounds like it goes at a much slower pace than other CNA programs as it's two quarters long, but since I'm new to the healthcare field, I don't mind too much.
  5. Willofthewisp

    Familiar with "American HealthCare Training?"

    What was your experience with American Healthcare like? It sounded too good to be true online, especially when it said that if you find employment in a year, you can be reimbursed. I'm researching them myself, so this is what they emailed to me. Maybe it will help someone else: "Here at American Healthcare CNA School, we welcome all students, we do provide CNA training, Core Basic Training, and Continue education which are self training. We offer two CNA classes the first one is our Weekday class which are Mon-Thur. from 7am to 2pm for 3 wks and the second class is our weekend class which are Sat. & Sundays from 9am-5:30pm for 6 weekends. The cost of the training is a total of $550.00 (srubs [sic],gait belt and state exam not included in the training). Clinicals are done at Washington Care Center they are a skills nursing facility. Once you pass the state exam that is when they register you to work in the state of Washingtion and Washington only, if you do leave to another state you will have to contact their DOH to see how their guidelines works. As For reimbursement, once you complete the training and find an employer, you can ask them to see if they will reimburse you, each facility may differ. If you have any more questions you can also reach us at 206-838-4094."
  6. Willofthewisp

    American Healthcare CNA School

    American Healthcare CNA School - Nursing Assistant School - Washington Does anyone have any experience with this program? I have been accepted to Shoreline Community College's CNA program, but it's two quarters long and is an i-BEST program. Something shorter is really appealing, but I wanted to make sure it's legit and doesn't leave anything out. Thanks!
  7. Willofthewisp

    online microbiology courses

    I haven't taken Microbiology through Portage yet, but I've taken quite a few with them and it's a good program. I've been about 50/50 in my research so far on schools that will accept online prereqs with a lab. To let you know, though, the transcripts say Geneva College in Pennsylvania.
  8. Willofthewisp

    Portage learning

    That does help, thanks. Transcripts from Portage Learning say that they are from Geneva College, so unless they say "online" on them, I was wondering if schools would be able to tell the difference. I just got worried since one already said no. But I feel a little better now. Thank you! For anyone thinking about taking chemistry through Portage, I'm having a great experience with it. I forgot most of high school chemistry, but going at my own pace, having a good instructor, and the examples being very straightforward, I have a solid B so far and I'm about halfway through.
  9. Willofthewisp

    Anyone have good luck with Portage Learning?

    I asked on one other Portage Learning thread because I'm scared--has anyone else had trouble getting the credits to transfer? There was a college that asked for the syllabus of the course and when I provided it, they told me the chemistry class wouldn't be accepted because the labs aren't face to face. I'm not too worried about taking non-lab classes through them like Nutrition, but I wanted to take A & P and microbiology through them, too.
  10. Willofthewisp

    Portage learning

    Has anyone had trouble getting Portage Learning credits to transfer? I am still in the prerequisite stage and Olympic College in Washington requested the course syllabus so they could evaluate the course. I just heard back from them that they won't count it because the labs aren't face-to-face. I'm worried that this will be the same answer no matter where I look at going.