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I've done a few searches for nursing shoes on the boards and I'm not finding the info that I'm looking for. Our program requires "nursing shoes", no sneakers, no clogs. Must have a full back to... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Nursemates cause the most excruciating foot pain I have ever experienced. Danskos are the best investment I have ever made, I now own 4 pair (white, navy, brown & black) and rarely wear any other shoes at work or off.

    Has anyone run across womens athletic shoes with a true hi-top? I have foot drop and HATE wearing my orthotic, I do OK in a hi-top.
  2. by   angelac1978
    When I was a CNA, I wore a pair of clogs by Cherokee (can't remember the name, but they are the ones that weigh like 3oz) and my feet were screaming by the end of a 12 hour shift. For radiology school clinicals, I have gotten a pair of New Balance walking shoes. We have to abide by the all white rule as well. I think these that I bought are the 573 style. I have heard that w/ New Balance shoes, the higher the style number, the greater the support the shows give. I went with these because I have huge feet (size 10 wide) and the New Balance shoes were the only ones that fit my feet with no pinching and that the heel didn't slide up and down when I walked. I think I ended up paying about $50 for them at Kohl's.

  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Best pair i've found: Cuddler's from Kmart. Very comfortable, $22.

    $175 for me is food money.