On Line Classes- Need Guidance-PLEASE

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for guidance and suggestions about taking classes on-line. Living in New Orleans, and being a victim of Hurricane Katrina, I am looking forward to having some aspects of my life get back to normal.
    There are no colleges here that are open. The college that I was attending is offering on line classes. (I would have finished the remainder of my pre-req's this fall). I am thinking about taking my last upper level /anatomy 2 lecture and my last math class on line. (this would leave me with the anat 2 lab to complete prior to nursing school) I have never taken a class on line and have no idea what to expect. What does it entail? What kind of tests? Are the tests timed?
    If any of you have taken classes in this fashion, could you please respond and let me know what am I in for-should I decide to go ahead with this. Registration starts tommorrow- and was just announced at the last minute today.
    The classes would start on Oct 17 and end on Dec 6.
    This appears to be alot of "crunch time" in order to get all this material covered.
    Especially the math (which is not my favorite subject). In school, I have done well-even considering that I have maintained a 50 plus hour work week ...
    (which I would love to have- considering that I am now unemployed and have no idea how I am going to make a living since the hurricane) vent...vent....

    Any how, any advice that you may give would be greatly appreciated..
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  3. by   jerryh55
    I took my A&P 2 online and the tests were open book, but were times just as if you were in the class taking them, and as long as you had very good notes it wasnt to bad. The only negative I have heard is that some people think you can look up all the answers and you just dont have the time. And our instructor was readily available if we needed him. I have also taken English Comp, Intro to puters, Music appreciation online. Didnt care for those as much since instructors not as available. But I did pass them. Not sure if I would take math online especially if ur not strong in math. I passes the algebra class i needed but I spent a lot of time with tutors LOL,, Hope thisa helps

    Be Safe

  4. by   Achoo!
    I am taking my first class online now- Pharmacology. The tests are timed, and you can't go back to answer questions, you have to answer them in the order they are given. That being said, you can use your book, and are usually given 2-3 minutes per question. We also have individual assignments as well as group assignments ( typing up drug cards, making up a quiz for the class etc..). It took me a week or two to get used to it, but I actually like it now. Good luck to you!
  5. by   sunnyjohn
    I've taken online classes. I'm taking a few right now, Psych and refresher science classes.

    I think they are great. You really have to stay on top of things, but they are wonderful for folks like me who prefer independent learning and readings.

    (I think group projects are the scourge of student-kind!)
  6. by   NurseSomeday
    I've taken Philosophy, Developmental Psychology, and U.S. History on-line. Each course I've taken was structured a little bit differently, but overall they were not very challenging. As long as you are aware of your assignment deadlines, you basically work at your own pace. I finished most of my courses early. For me, each of my on-line classes required much less study time than a lecture course. They were much easier than I expected. In my opinion, it is a good way to get alot of core courses out of the way quickly.

    Good luck!
  7. by   twoanddone
    I've taken the majority of my classes online, English, All three maths, AP1 and now APII. API was hard but I still came out with an A. Tests: weekly chapter tests everyweek. Everyother week we had to go to a proctor site to take an exam. Labs were to construct certain body organs or take pictures of someone/thing and label parts. My reports were sometimes 70+ pages long

    APII is different: the labs are simple but you still learn from them. The tests are on three chapters at a time and you can retake it as many times as you wish in a seven day period. Timed at an hour long. The tests are the same exact questions over and over so if you tried you can make a 100 on it. I did but class average is still failing!!! There are discussion boards that we have to post on at least twice a week.

    I've been blessed with instructors that care and you can figure out how they like to communicate fast. Some prefer emails and will email you more quickly that way. Others are better at calling on the phone.
  8. by   Nikkik163
    I have only taken 2 med terminology courses online. I don't think they have been too bad at all. For both of the courses, I did have tests that were timed. Both of my courses there is a test each week for the chapter. In my first course I had no assignments...only the tests...and 2 pronounciation quizzes that we had to call and say them on the instructors voicemail. The second course I have a test each week and also a few assignments that aren't hard at all that I just type into word and upload to the instructor. I am not sure about any science classes as I have not taken them. the main thing for online courses is that you need to be able to set up time to do the readings and study since you do not have a set time that you have to go to that class. If you are self motivated you should be alright. Also, the thing I enjoy about online classes is that you can work ahead. Good luck to you!
    Thank everyone who has responded to my thread... I really appreciate your responses....good luck to everyone....
  10. by   AuntieRN
    I have taken a number of classes online as well. I love online classes, mainly because I study better later at night and with online classes you can study when everyone else is asleep...and the best part is...I could attend class in my jammies...good luck nolanurse and I am very sorry that you have lost everything. But I am glad you are okay though.