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Just wondering if some of you heard of "Nursing Syndrome." I learned (from CNAs and some higher degree health workers) that there is a "syndrome" among the nurses working anywhere. They don't behave... Read More

  1. by   bluesky
    I worked as a unit secretary for 5 years before going to nursing school and I learned a couple things watching the nurses interact:

    1. Be very careful who you tell your business to
    2. All that smiles is not a friend
    3. Make nice with all assistant staff- you'll need them when the chaff hits the fan
    4. If you're very sensitive to what everyone says, you'll be miserable because it *is* true that most negative people are just jealous or on a power trip
    5. While you may meet some nasty people, you'll also meet some great ones who'll make it all worth it a million times over

    Don't know if this applies to nursing syndrome, but there it is.

  2. by   essarge

    thanks for saying to be nice to all assistant staff. I have run into many, many nurses who feel that assistant staff is there to do their bidding and have no clue that they have a job description as part of the team!

    Being an assitant myself, I will do my job to the best of my ability and then some but when a nurse does the justa thing, he/she will have quite a bit more to do if it is not in my job description!
  3. by   VickyRN
    I have never heard of "Nursing Syndrome." HAVE heard of, witnessed, and experienced "horizontal violence," "nurses eating their young," and general bullying among nurses of all ranks and descriptions. Have also met some truly wonderful people who are nurses and coworkers and they have enriched my life greatly; by far the wonderful outnumber the mean-spirited. Still, you need to be aware and BEWARE that these bulies do exist and can cause you great harm if you let them.
  4. by   live4today
    Nursing Syndrome is the same as saying Womens Syndrome to me. :chuckle Whenever you got a bunch of women working side by side, hormone city forms and rears its ugly head more times than one can humanly stand at times. It won't go away...not just always be yourself no matter what. Snobs in any job are a dime a dozen, but so are the kindhearted souls who will bend over backwards to help you in spite of their "position" on the job. I've met a lot of both in my time, and appreciate the qualities of each one for I learn how to be and NOT be as a person. Nighty night! Be back Sunday night or Monday morn!