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Sorry if this has already bee covered... I have a couple years of pre-reqs to worry about before even applying to a nursing program, but I can't help but worry about the schedule. I have 3... Read More

  1. by   jesusluvinmamaof3
    I am in the same situation, three small children (5, 2 and 9 months) and am going back to school (for the 4th time!) It is tough, but what I did was I waited until my babies were around 1 year of age, then I would take my pre-reqs either online or through telecourse at the community college nearby. I did all my pshch, soc, Eng, reading, humanities..ect. that way. Now I am doing taking bio and math at night while my husband is with the kids.
  2. by   amazone
    you can take per reqs online????
  3. by   ontocrna
    Sociology, english, psych, developmental psych, algebra and many others are online now. Northwest state in Archbold Ohio is now offering "Hybrids" where you can take the lecture section of chemistry on line and you just have to go in once a week for a lab. More expensive though.
  4. by   nursetobein2009
    i m going to nursing college in jan 2007 and i have 4 months old baby. my husband is trying to change his work schedule, i hope it will change and i can go to college without any tension.
  5. by   Lylesmom
    When i entered the program my son was almost 2yrs old. I found a very nice lady who has done daycare in her home for about 13 yrs. i made arrangements with her that i would pay half of the 90.00 a week until I got my difference check each term and then I would pay the balance of what I owed and pay for the rest of the term at that time. It costs me about 1080.00 a term for him to be in daycare 4 days a week. You might see if you can find someone like that. good luck to you.
  6. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I have 4 children ages 7-13, but didn't have the daycare issues that you may be facing. I did and am still taking a lot of my classes online and when I first started school, took evening classes so hubby could watch the kids. My kids may not require day care, but still required supervision, so one of us needed to be here with them. I have had great experiences with online classes, and the evening classes, at least for me, were better than the day classes.
  7. by   DisneyNurse18
    I am the mother of a five year old and a three year old. Both of them are boys. My husband is military and will be going to Iraq soon, so I have never really been able to rely on him for looking after the kids while I'm in school. I am now in my second semester of nursing school and managed to get most of my pre reqs done before I ever stepped first into first semester.

    Since I am not able to work and be in school full time, and my kids are in daycare full time, I took out a student loan. Ya, I know it sounds horrible, but I look at it as an investment in my future and the future of my family. I don't wanna be stuck working my booty off at a minimum wage job. Back breaking labor never sounded too appealing to me.

    I hope things work out for you. I had waited for years to be able to go to school. And right when we moved to NC everything kinda clicked into place. I truly hope everything clicks into place for you.
  8. by   beachbum3
    I am a divorced mom of 3... ages 8,7, and 4. I am going into my second semester of an ADN RN program. They are all in daycare- a fantastic one that they love, and I love. I work 2 days a week, Mondays and Fridays. I have evening class on Mondays, (5 pm til 710 pm) and then class most of the day Tuesday, clinicals Wednesdays, and class half the day Thursday. My oldest two are in school, but they still go to daycare before and after school, and my youngest goes full time. Even if I didn't work, I'd probably still have them go full time- more time for me to study and get things done that I need to so I can give them my full attention when they are home. Anyway, I get assistance thru the state- I noticed you were in IL... I am too. The program is called CCR&R- Child Care Resource and Referral. You apply, send them your school schedule, and your household income and depending on that you will get reduced payments. For my family- myself and 3 kids, I can't earn over 35,000 per year. (HA! No problems there while in school) and they don't count student aid. Right now I pay about $500 a month for full time daycare for 3 kids. Its very worth it. Also, for the two nights I have night class til 710 (and then Tuesdays I have to go research, our clinical site this semester is 45 miles away, one way, so I'll be going after I get out at 710) The director (whom I've become friends with) is going to bring them home and sit with them until I get home or my bf gets there... approx 1.5 hrs each night. We agreed on $10 per hour. I'll be getting student aid also, in addition to what I make working.

    As far as managing the schedule- I highly recommend full time daycare- before and after school. I absolutely can't get anything done when my kids are home, so I take them to daycare and then go to school before classes and stay after in order to study. And there are always other people from class there studying too, so we get into a big study group- that helps. I typically try to pick them up by 530 daily, (daycare closes at 615) so when I am home I don't do school stuff. Home is home, school work is done at school, and work is done at work. I try to keep things separate. This works pretty well for me. Thats not to say there isn't the occasional time that I do things for school at home, but its rare because I find I'm really not productive with it at home. And there are times on the weekend I go to Barnes and Nobles or Starbucks to study. Mostly I get it all done at school outside of class time.

    Wow, this was long winded. Basically get full time daycare, get it subsidized through CCR&R, and get student aid to help pay for things. If the daycare is good your kids will love it- mine do. They beg to go there because there are so many things for them to do, and they have all their friends there.
  9. by   MIKelly
    I also have concerns about childcare if I get into my school's nursing program (which it looks like my chances are pretty good after completing the Hesi entrance test yesterday and doing well on it). If I start school next fall I will have one child in second grade, one in kindergarten (and my district only has half day kindergarten) and I also have twins that will be 3.5 then. It's going to be a childcare nightmare for me. That is, unless my school continues with a new pilot program that they started a year ago where the students go to lecture Thursday and Friday nights and do clincals on the weekends. I have a girlfriend in the pilot group of students right now and I really hope that they all do well (it's also an accelerated program so it cuts 6 months off the traditional 2 yr program) and it continues for my benefit! I can't imagine what I will do with my kids three days a week. I don't have relatives to watch my kids either and my husband works fulltime and not near the college or my children's school. I figure if I actually get in the program, the childcare thing will somehow work out.
  10. by   KimSwanner
    I am currently in my second semester (of four) of nursing school. I am married with two little girls, one is two and the other is four. My husband and I own our own telecommunications company, it keeps my hubby on the road for weeks at a time. Generally he's gone over 65% of the year and it's just me and the babies. We live near our families, but they are little to no help for me. I have juggled many different ways to do school and deal with babies and it's hard, I will give you that. Luckily I have the world's greatest daycare. My little ones are normally there from 7 until 4. On days that I have clinicals they get there as early as 6. Yes I hate it, because I have been a stay at home mom from the time my first daughter was born, and I feel as though I'm not giving that same attention to the baby. But in a way I want to have my RN and then my Master's while they are young. Then I can be a part of more of their lives when they really are aware.
    A good thing I found is CHIP. It's a program for families that are seeking to futher themselves, by working or going to school. It helps by adding money for daycare services. I haven't been able to use it but many of my friends have. Another thing is ladies in your church. There are many woman in the churches where I live that donate their time, since many are retired, to taking care of children for little to nothing, for woman in need.
    Good luck, and God Bless
  11. by   juicy_jade
    My school has grants for daycare. I have 3 kids ages 5, 4, and 3 months.

    My husband and I made $73,000.00 in 2006 (only saying because the copay is based on income) and we have to pay 30 dollars a week.

    Not a bad deal at all.

    Check the schools in your area and see if they might happen to have a similar program.
  12. by   shanesgirl
    I also have 3 children ages 3,4,5. I don't work, but my hubby works days, so this was an issue with us also. Luckily, my 2 older kids are in school, but my youngest needed care all day. Also, my 2 older kids needed before/after school care. We found a really great in home daycare for $130 a week which is great, compared to $200 that the daycare quoted. She is very flexible, and my kids love it. I was very nervous about the transition because I've always stayed at home, but it has gone very smooth. The Lord works in mysterious ways, so you have to beleive even when you're not sure it will work out!
  13. by   wgirl08
    well i can say this i have a 16 month old and im in my junior year, spring semester (so if all goes well this semester, only a year left!) and i can tell you it's hard juggling everything but i got lucky because my husband is a teacher and he found us a sitter who's affordable and will watch my son from 7:30-5 if i need her to plus she's a retired LPN

    so the best thing you can do is just ask people at your school who have kids what they do because most people in nursing school don't have a job because it's really REALLY hard to balance school and a job (not saying it can't be done it's just hard) so i can guarantee you, you will find someone affordable and recommended