Nursing students; Honestly....

  1. Are you enjoying nursing school? Is it what you expected? Or are you miserable? (with the schedule not career choice). Are you still glad you chose it? Is it going by fast?

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  3. by   SusanJean
    I can honestly say I love nursing school! I am enjoying the classes, for the most part, the profs are interesting and know their stuff - and seem vested in the progress and success of the students.

    I have met some incredible women and men that are classmates that I look forward to sharing the next few semesters with - and hopefully some assignments after we graduate.

  4. by   grinnurse
    I have honestly mostly enjoyed all of nursing school. We have had some really great and enthusiastic instructors but like all people that you will encounter in life some were quite into the power that they held over the nursing students. I have found it extremely interesting and have learned so much over the course of the past two years that I imagine the neurons in my brain are going off like fireworks

    The time has gone extremely fast for me. Seems like yesterday that I was this ball of nerves getting checked off in skills to feeling confident in those skills during my preceptorship. To me this last semester has been the hardest b/c we had sooo much to do such as papers, community service hours, etc that I have barely had time to study for the tests and has resulted in a drop in my grade for lecture this semester. It takse alot of dedication and high endurance to stress to make it through successfully. If you have the will, you will find the way!! I am living proof of that, trust me!!

    Enjoy it if you are just starting out..........It's the hardest thing that I have done in my life next to raising kids but will be just as rewarding as children!!
  5. by   nurse4theplanet
    Ugh...I love nursing school overall but our semester is coming to an end and I am so GLAD! I don't know if I could handle another week without knowing I am getting a summer break soon!

    Nursing school has turned me into a walking ball of stress and it has finally beaten me down. Between careplans, check-off's, rude students (we only have a few but they seem to enjoy making my life miserable) and having no time for myself....I am getting burnt-out!

    During the summer I am going to really take it easy, prepare myself for next semester, and stock up on some antianxiety meds!!!!

    Good luck to ya!
  6. by   Fraggle
    I love it. Not that "I love, even though...." kind of thing. I actually enjoy it all of the time. Even when the work is piled on and stressful. But I'm just so glad to be doing it, doing well, learning things, seeing others do something they want, all of it. That doesn't mean I'm not eager for graduation next year, or even finals next week, though. :chuckle

    Quote from FNPhopeful
    Are you enjoying nursing school? Is it what you expected? Or are you miserable? (with the schedule not career choice). Are you still glad you chose it? Is it going by fast?

  7. by   GrnHonu99
    So far I love far im almost done with my prereqs and i have really enjoyed A&P, i did my CNA course and I loved it!! with the exception of one subsitute teacher all of my instructors have been awesome...

    that was my ADN school...i recently got accepted and am transffering to another nursing program and it is going to be an accelerrated program...i start in 2 weeks and will be starting my first clinical this kinda bachelors degree was in psychology so this is quite a change for nervous that the instructors will be awful and the students will be rude..ive read so many horror stories but im keeping my fingers crossed that my program will be different :uhoh21: but so far this experience has been so wonderful, i actually WANT to come home and crack the books! Good luck everyone!
  8. by   manna
    I have a love-hate relationship with nursing school! :chuckle

    I love... the knowledge that I'm gaining. The supportive faculty. Feeling that I am maturing into what will (hopefully) one day be a professional nurse! Touching patients lives. Being a patient advocate. As a student, having that extra time to spend with a patient that the staff nurse may not.... Seeing everything that I've learned in lecture come together in clinical. Analyzing the details. It's amazing!

    I hate... the busywork. The careplans. The constant stress. My lengthy commute (120+ miles/day). Team members (students) who don't pull their weight. Feeling as if I'm short-changing my family when I'm studying, or short-changing my studies when I'm with my family.

    Time has flown. I don't feel as if I've learned, heard, experienced enough to be a senior level student in just a few short months!
  9. by   SillyLilly
    I love nursing school, and i am thankful everyday that i got in. I was on the waiting list. They had room for 100, and they had 600+ applicants.

    I like the challenge, i like what we are learning. It is going by fast, (im in an ADN) I have problems with my teacher, and am in a risk to not pass this semester, but still i am keeping a postive attitude, and am holding on to it like a life preserver in the center of the pacific ocean.
  10. by   mitchsmom
    I pretty much love it too
    Hope I can say I love the actual job as much when I get done!
  11. by   Catys_With_Me
    Quote from FNPhopeful
    Are you enjoying nursing school? Is it what you expected? Or are you miserable? (with the schedule not career choice). Are you still glad you chose it? Is it going by fast?

    NO! NO! YES! YES! YES!
  12. by   cardiacRN2006
    Boy, it really does fly right by!!! I am a little disappointed so far in nursing school however. I still have 2 semesters left, but I really thought it would be a little more detailed. Seems like we just barely cover disease processes. I think we spend way too much time on nursing diagnoses....
  13. by   LilPeanut
    I'm finishing my pre-reqs and I absolutely love it. I can't wait to start my "real" classes this fall. I get to go to clinicals right away and I'm so thrilled to be out there.
  14. by   z's playa
    Ugh...kill me already......I think I BOMBED 2 ANP exams..and quite possibly failed BOTH of them. Too much to handle this semester . Anyways I am FREAKING out waiting for my marks. I sometimes tend to freak out too soon and all is well but I dunno. I hope so. I passed all my NSG though. I like school. It's just no fun yet